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I lost a game a week ago

This happened after hackers were getting bans, but a week ago, because I used to be a hacker and my main google play account got banned, I made a new game using my college email account. Well I graduated last month. And then when i opened the game i couldnt log back into that account because the college had deleted my account. So, I had managed to get 5 unique hybrids, working on 3 others, and I lost everything because I wasnt a student anymore. Woe is me. Good thing I had made a backup game account months before

I’m sorry to hear that m8.
5 unique hybrids?!

Cool story bro.

Trykosaurus Indoraptor Diorajasaura Utarinex and Thoradolasaur

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I was using the backup account as sort of a documentary experience. I would catch dinosaurs and I would open my screen recorder before I create them to document what dinosaurs I catch in order.

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