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I lost all my progress, can I have a toothless or light fury adult in return

Help Please Lidia include I want my progress back.

I think that if you managed to save your support key they can help you, did you already try to e-mail them?

If you lost all your progress, it’s wise to contact Ludia everything with your support key, you might not get an adult Toothless or Light Fury because of lost progress, but I do believe that you will receive something for your troubles. Don’t be sure though, you might just have to start from the beginning after all! That’s if you decide to.

Just because you “lost your progress”, I don’t think you should be getting Light Fury or Toothless because that would be really unfair to those of us who put in a lot of hard work to get either of them. If you have the support key, then they might be able to recover your account. Did you log in with Google Play Games, Facebook or Game Centre? If you did, you would just need to log back in with those and it will recover your account. If not, I don’t think there is anything anyone can do.

Thanks for the help…will try the email…

I’m sorry to hear that you lost the progress to your game @DaMudkip10. As other forum members had suggested, our team would be happy to try and assist you with this if you emailed them here at At the moment, could you please make sure that you had not disconnected from your Facebook account in the game? If your game was linked to your Facebook account, disconnecting will cause you to start a new game, try reconnecting to Facebook and then relaunch the game.