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I lost everything


I opened the app and it said I couldn’t sign back into Facebook. So I contacted Facebook and my FB Account had been disabled for some reason. I don’t how it got disabled considering I only use my Facebook to save my JW game progress.

Is there any way to recover a Jurassic world: the game account that was linked to a now disabled Facebook account?
I was such a high level and I cant lose all my dinosaurs. I just unlocked indominus Rex for goodness sakes :frowning:


As long as you know your support key the ludia team might be able to help you. They can transfer your account to a new installation if you tell them your key.


How do I find my support key?


It gives you your support key on the loading screen on the app, on the left will be the app version, on the right will be your support key.


Which app?
JurassicWorld: The Game?
In that case I am logged out and that is the issue


Hi, I also lost everything in the game jurassic world, I used to enter on my facebook account in the loading screen, but suddenly the facebook option disapeared. But my facebook account itself is ok. I tried to enter many times, but the facebook bar never show up again! Please, help me!