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I lost hundreds of hours of progress


Hi, I’ve been playing since the very begining. I had a level 13 account with 8 legendaries and hundreds of hours. The game randomly reseted everything, months and hours of effort to waste. I can’t remenber how i logged in. It was a lot of time ago, I think I did with google play but now I have zero progress. I don’t remember doing it as a guest. How can I get everything back? My user name is Skullkid. Here is a screenshot

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You need the support key for that account and you need to email it to support.


I don’t remember having a support key. How can I get one?


It’s on the bottom of the loading screen when you’re signing into that account, every account automatically gets one, but since you don’t remember yours maybe @Ned can help you.


How do I contact Ned? Sorry, Im new with all of this. Im doing this out of desperation. I’ve never had a problem prior to this


Don’t worry they got a notification from the @ they’ll get here eventually. You can also click the link on the @ if you want to go now.

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