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I lost my account and I can’t get it back

Hi my name is Jessica. and I lost my account. I was at level 10. I know my username and ID number. I just want my old account back. any suggestions on how I get it back. at the time I did not have a Facebook account. and do now and I looked everywhere. and tried everything. I am also autistic. so there is only so much my mind will understand. and I have tried everything.

Edit: still nothing no response it makes me so mad they should have a log in by your username and I’d so this never happens

Are you using google play

I don’t know I use Game Center but when I logged back in my progress was all gone and it made me restart

I don’t know what is game center but I used google play and I hope to get my account back today because I lost it for a few days

I tried emailing them but they haven’t responded at all

I have an iPhone

Did you get your account back

Don’t know yet have a lot of work to do

Yup that’s how I feel

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I’m sorry to hear about this, @anon11877585 . That does sound frustrating! Our support team will be sure to assist you once they have the chance to see your message.

I have been waiting for two days I have also tried to talk to someone though the app and no one has gotten back to me I have my game id and name this is so frustrating

Game Center is used for iPhones. If you hit settings on iPhone scroll down until you see Game Center. Check to see if you’re still logged in.

Wish I could be of some help, but I wish you luck in getting your account back! I can think of one option. Are you logged into the game via your Facebook account? If so, maybe logging out of that method and logging back in via whatever the second method is will work! You can do this by going into your options in game!

I am I looked the other day just to make sure

I tried that it didn’t work

I would just check email used for Game Center. I’ve known other people who signed in with Game Center and Facebook and created two different accounts.

I have checked everything and it is all the same as before

It’s been three days is anyone going to help me retrieve my old account

Mine has been a week