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I lost my account level 57

I lost my account … i can not open game if i connect with facebook

I think you got the wrong ludia game pal. Are you talking about jwtg?

World of Warcraft? :wink:

Jurassic world game… i can’t open this game, if i connecting with facebook… and if connect without facebook that will start from level 1

Pada tanggal Sel, 22 Okt 2019 18:07, Tielenaar via Ludia Forums menulis:

Yeah, still wrong game mate :slight_smile: Ours only goes to level 20.
Good luck with that though!

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You need to go to this forum…

Yes jwtg… please help me

Pada tanggal Sel, 22 Okt 2019 18:04, Erlikg2 via Ludia Forums menulis:

Yes jwtg… please help me

Pada tanggal Sel, 22 Okt 2019 19:18, lenny tan menulis:

Sorry pal, I don’t play jwtg. Maybe you should check out their forum

You’re in the right forum this is Jurassic World the game idk what the other people are talking about lol. There was a crash for the whole game not just you. Some people are still having trouble getting back in.

I think a forum admin moved the post to the correct place.

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Oh :joy: okay I was confused. Had to go back and check that I was in jwtg lol.

Try going through the entire tutorial

Once it’s over, logout and log back in. This happens sometimes. On the other hand many of us cannot even get in on the game right now, so there’s that

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Is a global issue not just you Ludia is working on a fix.

Yes jwtg have been back😁