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I lost my account !!

Hi ludia,
I send a message to support because since the update my account (lvl 20 ) is gone!
And i found this when i got back into the game.

Hey shining, is it possible that your game was disconnected from your Facebook or Google Play Store account?

I try both

I got an old account i don’t play anymore on facebook.
On google play store,its a lvl 2 i don’t remember

Could you reach out to our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and help you get your account back. If you remember any details from your previous account, such as your support key or in-game name and ID, please make sure to include it in the email.


thank you ned,its done

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Do you know if i can find it back before tomorow?

Hey shining, there’s no guarantee on the time frame. However, our team will be sure to try and help you as best as they can.

ok ned,i know the team might be busy hours after 1.12
However,thank you for the speed of your answers :slight_smile:

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