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I lost my Google Play account

I have 2 JW Alive accounts, a Google Play and a Facebook account. My Facebook account is on my Galaxy A51 phone and my Google Play account was on my Galaxy Tab S5e tablet. I was having issues when playing my Facebook account (game would momentarily freeze and occasionally lock up totally) on my phone and so I decided to remove JW Alive from my phone and reload it to try and clear up the issues. I had previously downloaded all app updates>restart phone and sometimes had shut down the phone for a few minutes trying to make sure everything was cleared and the phone would start fresh. The game would play fine for awhile and then start acting up again. This has been going on for at least 2 months and my son advised me to remove>reload JW Alive and see if that cleared up the problem, so I did. As I was waiting for the game to download to my phone I started my Google Play account on my tablet and started playing it. Once the download to my phone was done I selected Play/Open and the game started without asking which account I wanted to sign in with. My Google Play account on my tablet indicated that I had logged in from another device so I closed my tablet game and waited for the game on my phone to finish loading. I then went to my JW Alive settings on my phone and saw that I was logged on to both Facebook and Google Play at the same time! I selected Logout for Google Play and was taken to a screen showing both accounts and asking if I wanted to switch from Google Play to Facebook and I selected the Facebook account. Then it took me to a screen asking if I wanted to start from a saved game and I had no other selection to choose from so I selected the saved game. I went back to my game settings and it indicated I was logged on to my Facebook game which is correct for my phone. I then went and started the game on my tablet and immediately my phone indicated I had logged on from another device so I closed the game on my phone. After the game came up on my tablet I went to settings and logged off of Facebook and logged in to Google Play, but when the game came up it was my Facebook game and not my Google Play game. I found that no matter which device or account I tried playing it was always my Facebook account that came up. I tried unlinking my Facebook and Google accounts but cannot find Account Management on either account to unlink them as per helps on the web.
Thank you and I hope you can recover my Google Play account.

Hey Steven_Shepherd, if you have any other apps that are logged into your Facebook account, could you please try logging out of them, including any browser apps that are logged in to Facebook as well?

If you are still having issues with your game accounts, please contact our team at

If you have the support keys for both of your accounts, please include them in the email as well.


Thanks Ned. I’m only running JW Alive right now, so I have closed all my other apps. I don’t run multiple apps when I’m playing JW Alive. I’ll contact your team and go from there. Thanks!

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This exact thing happened to me and support sorted it same day once I gave them the support keys.