I lost my Rückkehrerpass/Welcome back Pass(? i don't know the english Name)

Hello, I bought the Rückkehrerpass/Welcome back Pass(? I don’t know the english Name) for 10,99 euro on 05/25, it said above that it is still valid for 58 days, well, Today, 7 days later I no longer have access to the Rückkehrerpass/Welcome back Pass(? i don’t know the english Name), it was removed and replaced by the Tyrant Pass, which I would have to buy again, that just doesn’t work, why was it displayed that the Pass is still active for almost 2 months, but is then removed after a Week i Purchase it?! It tempts to buy, but in that short time it’s impossible to unlock all the Rewards, I’m extremely upset, and expect a full Refund! This is very close to customer fraud, because it claims false facts.

I tried to contact PayPal, they said i need to contact Google before, and Google said i should contact the App Developers first, what i already did 2 hours ago via a email to the Support, but no answer until now.

Hey @Punished_Tabris, thank you for having contacted support! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with a refund. It may take 3 or more business days to get to your ticket depending on where you are in queue and with the current influx of tickets.

We kindly ask that you don’t resubmit a ticket as it will reset you in the queue and cause a longer wait. Rest assured you will be assisted!