I love Entelomoth so much

This thing is an absolute bulldozer. It shreds so many things in this tournament, and after a Mutual Fury, it’s faster than EVERYTHING that isn’t sped-up. It’s very quickly beginning to overtake Mammotherium as one of my favorite legendaries.


The Mammoth looks on proudly over its evolutionary successors


Seriously. The mammoth has great genetics.


I’m surprised they gave it so much attack when it can buff its attack so easily.

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I’m loving entelemoth as well. So much damage.
somone tried to swap a draco in on it when health was low. Lol nope.

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I had a similar scenario yesterday eve in which Entelomoth soloed an entire round with the last creature being Allosinosaurus.

They didn’t even half my health even without On Escape Heal being used.

Another perfectly balanced creature


Just another creature that is overpowered and need a balance adjusment.

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Forgot this tourney was on.
Might skip it if it turns out to be an ‘Entelomoth or nothing’ kind of scenario.