I love Giant Dinosaurs


Hi everyone, I wish to ask how do you feel about common dinosaurs that do not have a Hybridization future. Do you still level them up? If so, why? And to what level?

As we all feel the struggle of lack of coins I feel that common dinosaurs or even rares that do not have a hybrid future just aren’t attractive enough.


I’m glad I had my deinocheirus already to level 19 when the hybrid was released, so now she’s already 20 and ready to fuse if ever I see an Ourano again to get my Dilo up to 20… I’ve always had a hard time ignoring all those arrows telling me I have a dino to level up, but I’m getting better. I think the best plan is to always dart everything in sight, but only level up what you actually will use in battle. Don’t waste coins. Keep darting so you have the DNA if a hybrid comes along, but use coins only for battle worthy dinos. That’s my take. (Wish I followed my own advice…)


LOL really? A pic of Godzilla got flagged? For what?

Some people just get offended by the strangest of things…