I LOVE losing to game error


Just have to love losing games because the servers FAIL and I cannot pick my moves.


Oh, and why the heck do I get 10 times as many server issues playing against Bots than playing against Real players!

if you’re going to put bots in the game to " improve the game" then make them work right.


Actually, this “Moves aren’t clickable” Bug is a Connection Issue (well, or just bad programming).

It usually happens, if something pops up (you received a message, low battery popup, whatever) … and can only be resolved by restarting the App. JWA is very sensitive, so better close every other Apps in the background and put your phone in a mode where calls/messages are ignored.

No more problems then, I promise.


I have to agree was in one match that was taking so long to load and never came to the fight screen so after 15min I closed app to only open it back up and it state to me I lost a match that I was never in.