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I love ludia thank you


They know the rng was not a good choice for pvp battle.but they really did try to make it up for it by giving us draco :slight_smile: thank you ludia i hope you guys make more changes like this ! Ur the best :+1::ok_hand::clap::call_me_hand:

Been winning alot, and yes :slight_smile: dracorex to counter the bleeders and to finish them off.



The thing is… i dint crit :slight_smile: my oppent did and still lost :smile:


U wouldve pooped a brick if that hit thru cloak tho :sweat_smile:

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Oh dear, you got a storm coming…



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It did … this pic was after :sunglasses:

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Ohh, the desperation for crit swapin. Those are the best lol

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Not a huge fan of draco but i def prefer draco over rng and dodges…


7056 coming out of my fresh lvl 21 erlidom…
lotta damage there :open_mouth::joy:


Hehehe it’s so powerful lol

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It’s actually 7,056 so…

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gotta love my keyboard.
wait - I’m typing on a tv - it’s not that hard to typo on a lg tv. lol

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yeah like that 10 damage surely makes a difference anyways. :joy:

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To add to all the photos finishing off DC…


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Don’t have pic but killing Dracoceras as flys. :grin:

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