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I love Magnapy. I will always


Honesty to god what a plucky little beast Magnapy is. I love her. This is a thread for loving Magnapyritor.

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Everyone love her, just that few have enough irritator dna to create or level her up … lol

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Agreed, the ultimate hybrid and my bulldozer against many opponents.

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Magna and Dioraja were the two I wanted most when I started. I finally got my Magna last week and man, what a little wrecking ball! Adorable, fuzzy, and a miniature bulldozer, what’s not to love?


I imagine she would grunt like a little pug too and just be the most disgusting but most good girl. Gosh, I love her a lot.


Same here! Trykosaurus was my other initial focus… unfortunate limitations on Diorajasaur’s initial usefulness made me focus on that beast instead of Diorajasaur, until saint Patrick’s Day!

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