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I Love My Pro and Rat

I spent all this time getting orni from the sanctuary. Combing, feeding, and petting it every 3 hours for days so I could get a nice Pro.

And like Thanos snap and my lil avenger will be dust.

She’s barely boosted either.

I did the whole grind thing so many people are so proud of. But that doesn’t seem to matter.

I’m not screaming for a nerf of thor because some over boosted thor eats my whole team.

Why does someone’s hard work have to be destroyed? Why not just create a counter.

I don’t understand nerfs because players getting attached to there dinos is lucrative for ludia.

All this shows me is that its best to not even care because they’ll take away what you love. And that is a fantastic way to lose players.


I agree, I’m against any harsh nerfs, doesn’t matter If i like the dino or not. I don’t use neither DC or Yoshi, but on the survey i voted on all the options that i think will allow them to remain relevant. Honestly, any more nerfs on rat is just killing It. Procera could have a slight hp and damage nerf and It still will be good, but i don’t feel It really needs a nerf just because it’s an epic. Though i found the choice of evasive impact quite interesting.


same here lad

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Because you cannot counter Dracoceratops unless you know your opponent has it, and even then it’s difficult to pull off, and anything that can potentially block it is either a. not capable of killing it before it swaps out, b. doesn’t even block it most of the time, or c. bugs it so that it can swap out instantly. Something needed to be done. It was for the better.


No, no. I’m fine with the swap in savavery change, but any more nerfs is just overkill at this point. The point is not to make it irrelevant. I find the damage compensation of 1500 on dc a fair compromise, 1.11 dc is fine.

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Agreed. Rat was a “gross miscalculation”, NOT Monomimus, Procerathomimus, or any other normal dinosaur that doesn’t have that ridiculous swap-in rampage move. When Procera is out you know it’s there, so you can counter it. Same with Thor, Maxima, or any other dino people have complained about. 1.9 ruined my Monostegotops, now 1.11 has nerfed my Ardentismaxima. Not cool!


Hear hear .

Can’t really speak on Procera since I hardly use mines and never fight any. But, Draco isn’t useless like most people are making her out to be, you just can’t nuke anything the enemy brings out because “it’s scary.” If anything the Draco’s role has been shifted to a brawler/finisher instead of what she used to be. Not to mention she can still easily abuse her Swap-In since she can cleanse the lockdown (which is something I feel like she shouldn’t be able to do but that’s another story). I really don’t get why people are saying Draco is useless now when she isn’t at all, and in my opinion she’s even better than before now. But that’s just my two cents.


All it needs now is the preview of swap in damage and hopefully then people will not have the problem of not figuring if it’s safe to swap it or not. I’ve seen players use it to their advantage as it is, and in the survey I’ve voted to keep Draco as it is, no changes to anything. It’s manageable now since it doesn’t 1 shot stuff just by swapping in.

I hate them. While I may curse their users, I also don’t hold a grudge against anyone for what they like to use.

It’s your game, play it how you want.


Changes to certain dinos are for the greater good. The rat made the arena trash for those who do not use it.

During the rats stint even if you liked certain dinos you can’t use them because they were rat bait. I think, as of now its alittle more balanced. So what if… you hate rat and won’t use it and you like let’s say erlikospyx one of the many previous rat bait dinos. Oh too bad for you, you can’t use it, its rat bait. When dinos are over powered it ruins it for players who don’t use them.

The same can be said for procerat the way it dominates tourneys right now. It’s obvious, it’s way out of its league. What if you like another dino in that situation, but you want to have a chance on winning that tourney? Too bad you need procerat or you aren’t winning. That’s when you can sort of start noticing where problems truly lie imo at least.

I would never use rat and procerat that means I also will never win a tourney they’re involved in. Well, rat isn’t much like that anymore atm.

So dumb I can’t see the survey.


I mean no offense, but it seems to me that procera or both of its components has been a constant for almost every week for the past like … 4-5 weeks, be it in featured events/weekly incubators/seasons/alli incubators, so on and so forth, and yet AGAIN this week as another epic choice for darting.

To me, I dont think it deserves to be destroyed, just cut a bit of its HP back to where it was in 1.7 ? 1.8 ? Cant remember which patch it was where it got its hp boosted randomly for no reason where it was already in a good spot (ardentist anyone?)

Right now, it seems to suffer from the same issue that plagues Thor, abundance/ease of access to DNA. All of that leads to overleveling, which leads to people putting more boosts into it because its already a good dino and is likely the highest on their team, which leads to a huge power gap between said dino and the rest of their team, which leads to an adversary seeing this “random” power monster showing up in what was an “even” match thinking it needs a nerf because it seems so strong relative to his average team, which finally leads to nerf crying.


Its a risk you take when you play any game. Items/ characters change for one reason or another. You accepted this risk when you read the TOS.


What I frankly struggle to understand is how these gross miscalculations keep occurring. It is disingenuous to present something like this that’s totally and obviously broken. It’s worse when you can spend money to make it better. And even worse when they “realize their mistake” and change it.

Just really deceitful or incompetent all the way around.

Lump whatever you want here - rat, pro, mimus…


I can see why people want to nerf procerathomimus and a part of me agrees with that. The only reason i am against it is bc that i am afraid for a huge unnecessary nerf like mono and not a small one. About rat i think now with the change in the swapping move he is just fine. I don’t get why some keep whining about another nerf.

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But is that all that matters now? I see everyone saying “Rat is balanced now because it doesn’t just swap in and kill". Did Rat really screw things up so bad that it’s considered balanced simply because of its SI Rampage being removed. I think it’s damage is a bit too high now, leaving DC much better than before but still not balanced. I hope I’m not sounding ranty or like I’m mad or anything, I’m just thinking out loud.

Honestly all it needs the health down to 3,000 or 3,100 like it’s parents and it’s fine it can keep its attack although I did vote to change ES to dodging impact and DR to Distracting impact since again both of it’s parents have only impacts. But that would be a monomumis nerf per say it’s still extremely good against tryko, Thor and chomper but now it can’t just one shot other speedsters and or heavily injury tanks

Or gross pathetic calculations (ie: majungashucs, stygidaryx, monolorhino) like they are very bad and really need a buff/kit/ well stat change


I agree that thw nerf he needs is a slight decrease in hp but i would keep his kit as it is now with a strike and a rampage. Although i am intrigued to know how you could use the new kit you suggest bc imo the nerf has to be or the hp decrease or the change move set. If they are both there is no use for him anymore.

Lol actually he be very good to use since you go for say DI then evasive impact and since each does what ummm 2.1-2.0k it usually would kill any chomper and if not just go for nullify or ID to just wait it out and hit it for another impact