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I love my Suchotator! But I missed something


He’s such a beast after the last update. Stronger than Velo or T-Rex imo. Try him. I love him. :heart_eyes::grin:


His moveset and attack stat are still pretty bad imo. I’d rather use stuff like Postimetrodon or Gorgosuchus.


Is he really that much better? I seem to have bad luck when adding either him or Spinotaraptor.


Hes a specialist… you gotta know when to use him lol
@rubinek how do those dinos compare to the suchotator?
@Angela_Flynn yesss he can be quite useful!


How do I use either effectively? I’d really like to have one of them on my team.


its all how you use him. mine is lvl 15. i start with Lethal Wound, then use Instant Cripple to combat my opponents stronger move. then use Lethal wound again. if you use his moves wisely he holds his own against most


I agree, he’s a ton of fun to play around with.


I use her for raptors if I don’t have my Amargacephalus or Stegoceratops. I use instant cripple for the obvious “Pounce” then use Lethal Wound and repeat until they’re gone. Really good if you know when and how to use her!


Yes mine is only lvl 14 but he often wins battles now. Good moveset and can take a hit or two.


Sucho has a good counter attack, which reduce 90% of the opponent attack. I used it the round before. But look what happenef! The opponent Dino made a damage of 719! That means this Einio has a normal attack 7000+.


Anyone else noticed it?


That’s not how it works. It has an attack that increase attack by 50%. Bonus are additive not multiplicative. In this case, you effectively decrease its attack by 90-50 = 40%.

It does 719 damage to you meaning that without your decrease the attack should have made 1198 not 7190 like you said

Wrong math in some skills debuff

The 50% increase should only apply to the remaining damage after the -90% though. Unfortunately they didn’t set it up that way.


Mh ok. I understand. But I think that 90% should effect the full opponent attack. But know I‘ll change my strategy. Thx. :+1:


I know this is old, but I think a lot of people play suchotater wrong.
Superiority strike is an extremely underrated move. Whenever my opponent is dumb enough to leave a raptor in with my suchotater, their fate is sealed. Instant cripple the pounce then use superiority strike and suddenly the raptor is slower than you. Then depending on HP use either another superiority or nullifying impact. Most every raptor can be effortlessly killed this way. I see so many suchotaters decide to lethal wound me, which I swap into a tanky enough dino or launch another attack depending on how the match is going. The problem with them using lethal wound is simple: that’s suchotater’s bread and butter. The moment you use it you want to stall on that dino until it’s up again. So people are using a critical cool down instead of the disposable superiority strike, which is just as certain to end the raptor in 3 turns max.
Suchotater is easily my favorite dinosaur on my team for the moment. I don’t think there are very many nonimmune dinosaurs I can’t effortlessly beat with it. I can take out an entire team if my opponent underestimates her or doesn’t have an answer. As long as I can get off one bleed it is worth having her out because of the damage I inflict on the enemy.
That tool kit also lets me remove cloak, bypass shields, and weather crazy damage mechanics.


Suchotator is a staple on my team, at 5k trophies prior to reset… She is kinda over-leveled now, at L 29, but have been using her from L 23. She has a versatile tool set and can easily counter I-Rex and Indoraptor. I also have Gorgosuchus on my team, L 26, but I am very partial to him and he has been on my team from L 15. Not very keen on Posti, but that’s me… Obviously, neither Suchotator nor Gorgosuchus are top-of-the-line dinos, they’re the poor man’s / woman’s alternatives to better legendaries or uniques, but if leveled and played correctly they can really help you advance…


Impossible… Lethal wound has a cooldown of 2…



Has cooldown of 2 now, but when the post was originally written the cooldown was only 1


I actually dont see him as a specialist. He can slow down, has instant distraction, and has high hp. That means he is a beast against your faster attackers. He can nullify which makes him great against your charge up attackers and shielders or cloakers or evasive. And he can drain. He is actually great against a large percent of what’s out there until you get to some of the uniques.


Apologies, my friend! Hadn’t realized the post was so old…