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I love the sanctuary but

I live almost on top of a sanctuary and every time I use a scent a lot of DNA is lost due to creatures spawning inside it and out of reach. This is very frustrating!

I would like to have the sanctuaries removed from the map and added to the social tab or maybe in a tab of its own. Each player have his or her personal sanctuary and can share it with the alliance. Alternative make players able to toggle the sanctuaris on and off the map.

Another issue is the position of the evolve button. Its easy to accidentally evolve creatures. Please move the button to maybe the top of the screen.

I’ve had too many dinosaurs spawn inside the sanctuary, so I can’t dart them. It’s very sad.

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Ideally if there are dinos overlapping with sancs and player taps on them, a sub menu shld appear and show thumbnails of the sanc and overlapping dinos. Player then just need to tap which one they want to go for. But seeing the overlaps may not happen frequently, the effort to program may not be worth it. :man_shrugging:

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Oh lol that’s funny

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