I love this game!


I have played Pokémon Go since Dec.2017, and been playing JWA for about a month now and in my opinion the latter has already surpassed the former! I also play The Walking Dead: Our World, and it’s got nothing on JWA!
This forum seems to have alot of complaints and suggestions so i just wanted to start a thread of compliments!
Great graphics, addicting battles, good variety of dinos spawning, spectacular sound effects, convenient supply drops, and now there are strike events and friend battles! You guys are doing an amazing job! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Kind of wish they had more dinos. Or other prehistoric creatures. I don’t know I think it would be interesting. But yeah I’ve been really enjoying this more than i have Pokemon go. the battle system is much better than just tapping it out.


Game is really good right now. Last uptade make really good improvments and content… and i agree about more dinos


It also doesn’t necessarily have to be just dinos. They have giant salamander so why not put some giant prehistoric insects like the Pentecopterus a giant underwater scorpion or Arthropluera a giant 9 foot millipede. Titanoboa and Phorusrhacidae would be interesting too.


I agree about the battle system. It requires strategy not only by type, but also in the move sets. Lots of fun while building skills!


Also, the AR is fun to play around with taking photos!
Another thing I like is the hold and release targeting system for collecting DNA. Brilliant!