I love this game

… but -

It makes me sad to think just how mind blowingly incredible it could have been if it were in the hands of a competent company that actually gave a rats a** about its players.

I’m reaching the end of my rope. If this keeps up for much longer I’m just going to walk away. It’s just no fun anymore, and Ludia is doing nothing to keep me interested.


Eh, they’ll either learn and improve or ignore and let the game die. No telling which at this point.

Can I plz haz your acct bro?

Ghostbusters world is still alot better, much more content

Better is subjective… dont get me wrong I like the game and play it almost as much as jwa… however as much flak as people will give ludia for how unfair it is for rural people it is still the only ar game that gives a full experience to rural players…

Gbw is only a bit better then pogo in this regard… ive been playing since launch many hours a day… never been able to do a boss fight because ive never seen one.