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I LOVE this tournament. :D

Wanna know why?

Because there is no game breaking Cera’s in it!
Its so bloody lovely and I wish it was permanent.

(I’m also trying out Srex G3 and its pretty fun)


can all the lv 30s stop hanging around 700 tournament trophies please? thank you.
other than that, using some new stuff at team level against much more boosted opponents gives good insight.

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A lot of them started around there. I did at 760, felt bad stomping on some lower levels. I’m near 1k now and seeing my team levels now.

Happy cake day also :green_heart:

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its not that bad. unboosted lv 24-26s can hold their own well enough. but its the very huge disparity between the upper and lower ranges that makes them not fun. i 3-0d a lv 16 team with gemini.

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My first match with my alt account was this. I decided to stop and let the big dinos play on ahead. Wasn’t worth the aggravation until things settle down later this weekend.


I felt bad in my first 3 matches where I tried almost everything not to sweep 3-0 since they were likely working on the 10 takedowns like me.

I ended up 3-1 twice and 3-0 once (they could’ve taken down one of mine with Thor but decided to swap out).

That said, definitely a big fan of everyone piling their boosts on apexes, making the battles much more bearable overall with lightly-boosted uniques.


I had to do that a few times. Some of them were hard to let them get a single takedown. :tired_face:

I was expecting it to be a wash with a 50/50 win/loss ratio more like a skill tourney.
I was expecting to fight high level high boosted arena strength teams.
I have come to the conclusion most people spent almost all their boosts on their Apex dinos.
Thanks to the tourney and playing around with SR3… I’ve decided to put him on my main team even at L28.

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I didnt spend most my boosts on the apexes and I am reaping the rewards.

Not to mention that I have Anky back on my team for this weekend, I’ve missed my baby. She’ll never be unboosted

Im.still very lightly boosted. 1 boost in relevent stats on each of the apexes. Did it to beat LL. Im.looking at which uniques i want to continue working on as apex counters. But I’m probably using mostly apexes in the future as personal preference.

I found this tournament enjoyable because I was winning so easily with this team except the very 1st battle against a team of 4 level 30’s to which I was able to take out 2 of my opponents creatures. Other than that, I 3-0’d the last 3 battles for my 10 takedowns.
My Team 20210702

This was a variant of my current PvP team and think I will use this tournament line-up in regular PvP next week before completely changing my team out to mess around a little, probably dropping back into the Estates.

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It really is a nice tournament. No Lux, no Mrex, no Cera. It is just so much more balanced.

Will still not do many battles as I do not really need the reward.

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