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I love this tournament

I don’t think I’m the only one to enjoy this tournament … right?

i like to play this tournament without seeing moth, mammotherium indo g2 dominating the arena

see many different teams, that fun of not feeling that everything you do you will always lose

not even Phoru spoils my fun, really, lowering his life was key point

do you enjoy the tournament?

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  • No

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I can’t be the only one having fun … right? :smile:

It’s actually still here

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it is fun.
But sadly,monolometrodon and phorusarco are a bit too strong for this tourney.


But not like before

It’s cool, but Phorus ruins the fun sometimes…, Or a lot of times…


I can’t really pick one or the other. I don’t have any problems with any particular creatures (that doesn’t mean they’re balanced though, e.g. Phorusaura) but the speed ties as always just ruin it for me.
Then I get into one of those rare streaks of matches without speed ties and it’s really fun, even if you lose to an unfortunate crit or 50/50 mind game.

If only they would just fix the stupid speed ties.


And Phorus is kinda the king of speedties… can’t even send yours after opponent’s used the IR, cause they can (and will) go Sidestep first…

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Yeah, besides the speed ties the only thing that strikes me as unbalanced is phorhusaura. There’s just no counterplay to that instant rampage, especially without access to Tryko. I’ve resorted to swapping into Ankytrosaurus every time they bring one in to even stand a chance.

I’m hoping the Alankylosaurus Unique will be an answer to that. It could have Swap-in Dust Cloud or something.
Or it could be meh like Dracoceratosaurus. Only time will tell.

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As I said to my alliance members, the answer will be when Phorus’ own hybrid arrive

Cause then they’ll nerf its damage to 1000, the HP to 2700 and speed to 27, like they love to do


I enjoy the matches I get without facing a ratbird. That thing is cancer.

I’ve had some success using the two birdies against phoru rinse and repeat users

mmmmhm look like you take procerat as example?

it’s weaker than before, but it’s still among the best legendaries.

Don’t really mind phorasaura. I prevent the swapping into it with grylenken and stegodeus and mammotherium take care of it quite easily

I don’t like legendary or unique tournaments. Too much luck with dodges.

This is the best tourney, even ardonto and monolono have counters. Alloraptor is very strong but has counters. Everything has counters in this tourney. It’s amazing.

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Monomimus keeps trolling me, so annoying

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I’ve fought a few of those myself.

It feels like there is not much strategy till you get the hang of it, but there are ways to counter all creatures. We had way worse tourneys than this. The only real bs is Phorus… even with counters, it’s too strong and too decisive in a match…

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