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I love this tournament

Nothing like 1.14 entelomoth. I would take this tournament over that one any day of the week

Indeed… Though Phorus was more balanced at 1400 damage.

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Yeah, it isn’t that bad. Speed ties are obviously terrible, but everything else can be dealt with pretty well. There is strategy and tactics, you just have take the time to figure it all out and build a good team. You will get unlucky and you’ll probably have losing streaks, but you can learn how to at least put up a serious fight, and maybe eventually you’ll find yourself having fun.
The game is still far from balanced, but for now we just have to make the most of it as it is.

Anyway, if you do plan on stepping back into the tournament, all the best.

Yeah 1400 or 1350,actually,it is too much.
The second thing to fix is the Healing of mammotherium.
If you do ferocious + dig in combo,your regenerate your whole HP pool

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That’s why having a chomper like tyrannolopho or monolo is great because it basically depletes its whole hp pool

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Or something with shield spam and armor, Nodopatotitan works well, especially if you have draco/monosteg

I remember once, Monomimus got 3 Crits in a row. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

if we were fair, it would be possible to have 3k health and 1.4k damage, lose RaR and lose “swap in stun”

Cunning strike
Instant rampage
Lesser group heal

Swap in dodge

if we were logical

But that’s supposed to happen, that’s how healing works now, as you probably know. Besides, mammotherium doesn’t have much HP, and that Dig in combo does nothing against a chomper. I don’t think there’s anything to fix.
Phoru on the other hand would probably be balanced If It had 1400 damage.

then it need a HP nerf.
It is too strong currently

What? How? I’ve been fighting the same tournament, there’s no way this thing is too strong, it’s just decent and pretty balanced. I think it’s as strong as it’s supposed to be. The only creature that is too strong there is phoru, and maybe monolo, but mostly phoru.
Mammotherium gets countered by almost every chomper, i don’t see the issue with It :man_shrugging:t2:

Phoru is actually the same threat as monolo and mammo.
No more ,no less

No, It isn’t. Phorusaura is much more dominant and a more decisive factor in matches than anything else in this tournament. I may be underestimating mammo, but there’s no way it’s as dominant as phoru, it’s not as much of a threat against a chomper, while phoru can hit a tank, doing a lot of damage and then escape without being countered by them to come back later for a better matchup. The thing with phoru is not that It doesn’t have counters, but It can escape them pretty easily without much consequence while doing a good amount of damage in the process

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I use indy, monolono, phoru, tryo, , mono, draco, allosino, ardontosaurus., and diplo. This tourney has lots of variety. Everything has a counter for this tourney.

I haven’t had my Phoru chosen for the past four matches and of course my opponent has had theirs alongside Monolometro… Without Mammotherium either, my opponents have been blasting through.

I still prefer the rare, common and epic only (non hybrid) tournaments.

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Mammotherium is wrecked by chompers. Monolometrodon plus any swappers is basically a kill. It’s a top tier, but it’s not OP. Same with phorasaura. It’s strong, but not op

Actually, the only chomper that effectively counters it is Allosino, and only barely (it’s the armour that does it). Monolometrodon can just as easily lose, so it’ll quite often need assistance from a swapper for the KO. Ardontosaurus loses 64% of the time, and Tyrannolophosaur just stands no chance.

I’m not sure if Carnotarkus beats it definitively. @ElEduardo?

Edit: Oh, and Tryostronix. It isn’t really relevant in this tournament, but it wins. Still I’m leaning towards unbalanced, because it seems to beat all the other Legendaries that aren’t those 3.

It is manageable, but still good enough to do the job of any other Legendary tank in the game, and then some, which I think is unfair. Everyone knows it’s a must-have in this tournament, just like Phorusaura.


Tarkus does well with it, but it does regen which can make it tricky. Does well to the point a swapper just takes it down. But unlike other chompers, tarkus can slow which is good for phorasaura. Ankyntro can do this as well. Also, ardont vs mammo is a 50/50 because you start with strike and then you have to choose if mammo will dig in (so impact) or strike again (rampage). And with the 20% crit, it leans towards ardont

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I just made a promise to my Alliance that I won’t be going for top50 anymore, at least not if they don’t change this pathetic speedtie system… Not worth the effort.

I had more losses with speedties in this one than any other before and that’s saying A LOT!.. I didn’t win any speedtie… You know when we say “I lose every speedtie” but in reality you win one or two? Well, not even that for me in this one… Zero… It’s freaking ridiculous. Still managed to get into top50, but only enough to finish top100 (I hope). That’s what I’ll be aiming for now on, maybe top250. Screw this.


Yeah, that makes sense, but my point still stands. Swappers are important, but they shouldn’t be essential for the takedown. If they are, even against what should be a hard counter, you know something’s not right.