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I love this tournament

Yeah, that was basically my reaction. I promised myself that I wouldn’t aim higher than top 250, but I did so well in the beginning of the tournament that I decided to try my luck. My wins more or less exactly matched my losses, and after losing to a bunch of speed ties in a row, I gave up.
I don’t know where I’ll finish, but I’ll probably have to settle for top 250.


The stressful thing is not the defeat… I had losses where the opponent and I exchanged “well played” and I was genuinelly happy with the battle I had.

But losing because of a system that puts me in a disadvantage?? That’s freaking infuriating! I had a bunch of losses when I had a full HP Monolo and opponent with a wounded one, around 2k HP. If I could go first ONCE I would have won, but since I can’t… They distract me first turn (so my Impact that would have killed them is not enough), then kill me the next turn, going first again… This happened about 5 or 6 times… Besides, of course, the tons of ties among Phorus, Smilo, Ardonto… Lost all of them. I have no words…


Alright, I’ve tried to quantify the mind games. There’s 4 possible move sequences, and each time one of them wins I added that win percentage to their column.
The maximum chance of winning is 400%, so if we divide each creature’s cumulative percentage by 4 we’ll get their total win percentage.

So we end up with Ardontosaurus winning 55% of the time, and Mammotherium winning 45% of the time.

Is this an accurate way of representing it?

I see. I guess i underestimated It then. I didn’t use It at first, but as you go up It seems more important to have It on the team. Although I’m not sure i’ll call It OP, i think It would help If tryo had it’s ferocious strike back, would make It a good reliable counter that was relevant for more than just killing it. Mammo and monolo may be slightly unbalanced, but phoru is definitely unbalanced and more dominant than those 2 imo.

It is a must have:
The most damaging tank.
He is even more relevant than ardontosaurus.
End game,you must have at least mammo for the unlimited regen and phoru for the free damage.
I don’t play monolometrodon,i oftenly have phoru /indoG2 to get him (they take lots of damage from him anyway)

Sure. I call something a 50/50 pretty much if you have to predict your opponent’s move with your own

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Monolometrodon is more of a must

Im in top400 with

Nope,it can be counter even if he is a bit too strong.

I’m in top 3. Everyone here has it. No wonder mammotherium is a problem. You have Indo gen 2. I’d ditch it

at my point indo is nice to ditch phoru and monolo.
Oftenly,he have the talent to beat 2 dino.
I already tried it,i always used to face indoG2 or phoru everytime i used it but i recognize,he is a strong dino and may need some nerf
What did you used eleduardo?

I have used mammotherium, monolo, ardont, phora, draco, monostego, grylenken, ankyntro, tarkus, allosino, tyrannolopho, and stegodeus

Did you find it effective?

It was good for an enemy swap-heavy team

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Yeah, i stoped using ardont after some time. Tried ankyntro and potatotitan as tanks, but they weren’t consistenly good. Then i went for rajakylo and mammo as my tanks for the team, they both worked well. Rajakylo is better than expected. I still kept monolo till the end though, It seemed indispensable. At the end i swaped alloraptor for smiloceph, It was a better counter than allo in the case of a monolo opener since It wouldn’t be vulnerable to a swapper. Indo gen2 could deal with It as well but i didn’t try running It, didn’t seem as good in most other matchups.
All in all good tournament, interesting how much i changed my team. But the speedtie issue really needs fixing.

I tried It for some time but didn’t find It as effective as i hoped, not a bad dino though, but i guess it’s a bit more situational.

You have to get that setup. It’s lot easier with no escape, but it can still be difficult