I’m a mid-aviary player who needs a good alliance

If anybody wants me I would appreciate it greatly I know my team is trash but I can raid well. I don’t have discord sorry. I’m in search of an alliance with tier 8 rewards in tourneys. I am online 2-3hrs a day and I can do anything the alliance I am in requests.

Hi! Run fossil Run is looking of players. While discord is useful for raids and asking for help in the game it’s not mandatory. We get 6/7 now because we lost a lot of players who’ve quit. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries that you can benefit from too.

My alliance, Xzone, is looking for active members who do 10 takedowns in tourneys.

Can you give me a couple of days to check your alliance out because idk the alliance members rankings.

The box … its not the best of the best but can guarantee great player growth where everyone helps any way they can

Most RunFossilRun members (around 40 of the current 46) are mid-aviary and above (Library in my case). We have a couple who are lower down the arenas, but thats beneficial for alliance tasks as they tend to contribute higher on exploration tasks. Hope that helps.

laker dino’s from the ark is is perfect for you,a relaxed alliance where u only need the 10 take downs we get 10/9-8/9 rewards with 3 level 29 sanctuaries

Can I join then can you tell me when you invite?

You should probably be clear on which post you’re responding to. In terms of Run Fossil Run, a search in game should locate the alliance, alternatively contact the alliance leader MrsV via discord, or message her on here (she posted early in the thread).