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I’m doing derank now. Please help me build the ”Slayer” deck with DG2 and Dracoceratops



Since this new update of 1.6, my new mission is to build the ”slayer” deck. It would be a fast and unpredictable deck, just to surprise my opponents. The idé is to kill the precious legendaries players worked hard to get, and just take them out as easy as possible.

The main dinos will be:

  1. Dracorex Gen 2
  2. Dracoceratops.

Any nice suggestions for swap-in dinos to make the deck work?

Maby the Raptor ”Delta” will be awesome.
Pounce and hit-run to swap in one of the dinos above…

Also Im going to derank so I can own the players in middle leagues.



i wouldnt include the small rat just the jumborat.


Well, the jumborat could swap for the small rat…

It would work as a theme of ”Charles Darwin”, the evolution takes care of all! Haha.


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Making my first attempt with this after tournament.

Maby the kola could work for distracting so the next swap for DG2 would take 50% less damage.

Para could give me up to 2 x stun AND swap for free rampage :smiley:

And the ankyntro could work to swap to for the counter abilities. And give damage to opponents dino so it ready for - NEXT swap in :smiley:


I think Ludia want us to play like this. And I give it a try! :black_heart:


Definitively. There’s nothing in the patches note about fixing their useless matchmaking routine, so deranking is likely the only way to play this game from now on. It should have been a priority for them. Oh well, I refused to derank until now, but I may join your club from now on. May be the only way to have fun with this game, instead of being the sheep who’s always getting pounded by deranked players.


Paramoloch would work well with that team. High HP and speed, double stun move (one of which is priority) and a rampage and run. Double stun them rampage and run into a DSR


Thanks, I think that aswell. Specific at an higher level :slight_smile:


I think the end game has come very close for many players. Either they are there, or they give up on the way because of nerfs and to mutch this and that from developers.

I think every player will have two teams in future,
One for tournaments, and one for funny casual days.


I’m thinking about doing the same. Here’s what my team would be.



Do you think the team could work in the league you are now? Or you then drop in points?

The spino is nice with swap-out bleed…


I’d definitely need to level up most of my team to use them where I am now. I don’t plan on dropping far, probably just to mid/high lockdown.

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I would make sure half of the dinos are capable of running, to allow good run/swap combos.


Is there a dislike button?


It’s going to be an interesting shuffle, one way or another.



so if this is correct I still have hope to be No.1 one day :smiley:


Hi. I dislike the I’m to weak to compete in my level so I’m gonna try and beat up the kids.

I’ve always liked in real life too running in to "yeller belly jr. bullies. * the satisfaction of the win is much sweeter.

Please by all means come on down. And BTW all of us down here know how to whoop yer team. We thank-ye get them shiny new trophies.


It seems like some of you are looking for easy win. Swap swap swap and win. Smh :expressionless::unamused:


The satisfaction to play in higher leagues is nearly ZERO.

I shot Stegodeus lvl 27 with THOR without that dino made any damage to my THOR.

Why would I ever level up any tanks with so powerful creatures running in the meta?

Why would I ever level up tragod aswell, to see it bleed 1600+ damage every turn when I can’t do anything to stop it?
Or gigaspiska aswell.

Why would I level up SO MANY creatures when only a handful of them are playable?

What is the satisfaction to run a team as everyone else do?

I rather derank and find a level where I can play my overlevled commons and rares and atleast know they can handle the opponents legends.

In this case. I will play a deck of hate, for a company that don’t care to bring any justice among the legends. Where people speak about having dracocera before any other legend, the game have HUGE problem.

What to do with this I have wonder for months…