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I’m fairly certain now Vulnerability just made Resilients stronger

To put things in perspective, this is the kind of damage my Hadros currently normally does vs the actual damage it inflicts after it’s Counter-attack or Resilient Strike.

Now, I’m not calling for a nerf thread or anything of the like, but I really think for some Resilients they should have gained Decelerating Impact or some variation of a Decel ability to offset the potential higher damage output, especially in Hadros’ case.

The vulnerability now seems to more or less negate the protection that 25% or less armor can grant, which seems to mean anything that doesn’t have high armor and shields is going to be absolutely shredded by any Resilient that has nearly 2k attack or more.

For the record, this was an AI fight so I don’t feel bad about soloing it, but after this update I suspect Hadros is going to become even more of a monster, if this is any indication.


Just gimme my boost reset and I’ll overthink quitting


Hadros and Skoona cases are special because they counter making the opponent vulnerable, then attack with Rampage, which is showing to be extremely OP and game-breaking, clearly not thought through…

Resilent per se is not stronger technically, but it is stronger strategically, that is, if we can call this ridiculous SIA mechanics “strategy”… As I feared, now all the damaging SIAs deal 3k plus freaking damage after vulnerability. Maybe a little less against those who are resistant, but still a game changer… And not only the SIA. You can make the opponent vulnerable with a Resilient move. Then die. Next turn send something that hits hard against a vulnerable opponent and that’s it for the opponent…


Today I eliminated one with my Mammolania, along with the deer are 2 of those who can kill the Hadros Lux quietly.

It’s actually telling that Hadros can pretty much one shot itself, making it a better counter to other Hadros than most other Fierce creatures.

It really should have lost one of the Rampages in favor of Decelerating Impact. It’d still be hard hitting but not as badly as it is now.

At least concerning things that actually needed to be nerfef (Hadros, Magnus, the swap-in meta, etc.) it made them stronger, and everything else was probably fine before.


Funny thing is that it also inadvertently made Grypolyth stronger, so long as the Grypo in question is faster.

But we shouldn’t have to just rely on a handful of creatures to counter the likes of Hadros and Cera now among others, and it’s a shame that such wasn’t either considered or implemented with this update, since it could have well and truly balanced the meta for good.


I’m still not sure it was what was needed to balance the meta. Vulnerability clearly didn’t balance Magnus and Hadros, and most other resilients were already balanced. All they really needed was probably a few directed damage nerfs and moveset changes.


You just came to show the damage your Hadros deals…against the AI?
How does that lead you to any conclusion? :sweat_smile:

Nah, in reality this was a hard nerf to Hadros. They lose now against cunning such as Spyx, Magna or Trebax. Something that was impossible to envision on the previous patch.
It also makes retired creatures such as Tyrko viable again. Hadros loses 100% against a faster tryko now. Same for faster sauropods, but that’s not new. Against the latter it deals a bit more damage than before, being fated to fade away or swap out.
Its match up against Grypo is also less favorable than it was before. Hadros does not win this update.

I’ll admit - so far, my cunnings seem to be faring better in this meta. I don’t know if others feel the same way, though.

What’s frustrating are the resilient counter attacks and the swap-in damagers. The counter attack shouldn’t cause vulnerable, as it causes too much damage on the dinos that use it (I’d have no issue with something like Stegodeus using it though), and the swap-in damage… They’ve been a problem for ages in this game, and they’re getting close to DSR-level bad.


It’s more of a concern really. Even when it’s distracted, the Vulnerability will basically just set those up for the SIA (except for Magna obviously) or even a swap in to a heavy counter-attack hitting creature, unless those are brought in against a full HP Hadros and RR is ready to go. Although the Swap-In would obviously be hardly surprising.

Tryko’s a fair point, as well as the sauropods, but I think that might not be the case if people start speed boosting Hadros pretty heavily; mine’s at 124 for example, just solely so it can outspeed the Towers.

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It only now occurs to me how horrifying it’s going to be when we start seeing lvl 30 Ceras with Tier 20 Attacks swapping in, and there’s already several lvl 29s running around…

yeah i,m one of them as of this morning :stuck_out_tongue: and i,m still running dior for fun have to say if it survives and vulns the counter is quite spectacular :stuck_out_tongue:

They have essentially ruined Mortem. How can the original fierce apex be getting smoked by resilients? What’s the point of the class system anymore?

Lowering the stun resistance was ridiculous as well.