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I’m finished this game officially garbage game or am I muuuhhahahahaa


Tired of trying to reset countdown so I don’t get bots like I just posted level 29 each dino like wow!! Enisuchus level 29 get real!! Not only that doesn’t matter what you spend on this game you get no where’s its garbage ! Pokémon go is way way better so happy I’ve finally realized what garbage this game is !!

Best of luck with over loaded bots ! Now you have spoofers in game cheating and generating money we’ve seen this with people posting pictures like duh!

Good luck

DinoLord is out!!!


Yeah this game has always been lacking and ludia don’t care about gameplay…they just want the money. This game doesn’t have any legs, it’s going to die off quick, but they know that… probably just wanted to release the game before ‘Harry potter wizards unite’ comes out because that game is going to demolish this and take over


I agree but for different reasons. I can’t go anywhere because it will only take my Wi-Fi and not mobile data

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I really like the implications that Niantic is better. I spent real money on Pokémon Go, a glitch erased that money spent. You know what Nisntics reply was? An automated message asking if the reply was sufficient.

I always spend “real money as you said on Pokémon go. Goes way further and way more bang for ur buck !
Most noobs to this game will play it for a couple months then get sick of it unless they have 1000$ a month to put on it your basically screwed once you get to my level & bots are trash .

Omg… That’s crazy… Level 29… I dont understand. Surely there is a team of workers and they can aim to fix this but choose not to?

When ylu reach more than 3500 elo the bots are epics at lvl30 xd

My problem With Pokemon GO was that there were just few Pokestops/arenas in my area. Like 3 or 4. And people who live in the city have hundreds of them. Fair? Don’t think so.
That’s why I like JW Alive better. Even after they erased many of Supply Drops and parks recently.

BUT I’m 100% agree with you guys that Ludia are greedy. Very greedy, actually. Hundreds of $ for incubator with almost nothing inside. And even if you buy it, can’t win anyway on arena full of bots…

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Totally agree. These arena matches just made me go mad today. I always face opponents who has dinos 6-7 levels higher that mine. It’s impossible to win.

Ludia has made so many annoying issues and don’t care about players. No support answers, no react on forum. This game could be so great, much greater then Pokemons, but the devs will ruin it.

If you quit this game or just you’re very disappointed, don’t forget change your rate of this game in app store so new other players would know that they shouldn’t start play this awful game


And don’t forget to like every 1* rates so they would be the first ones about this app

what does it matter what bots your fight? you act like its this terrible thing to lose in battle. just chalk up that to an unwinnable and try again. like until you have lvl 30 team why would you care about rating?

To lose fairly is absolutely fine.
Losing to a bot is not fine. It is called cheating. Do you know what cheating is dude?
You like when people cheat on you?
If yes go ahead and enjoy.
It is not about rating. It is about fairness.
Got it?

Good. Now buzz off…


It’s not cheating, we are talking about the official Ludia Bots. They kinda are a “feature” to prevent players to search for opponents all day without finding anyone.

Well, some of them are very OP with max LV dinosaurs …

the high lvl bot accounts are placeholders created by ludia for when there is no human player around your trophy range to battle. its game design so that you actually battle instead of search all day. its not cheating. most of the time the bots are stupid and use primarily first auto attack or swap out repeatedly instead of killing you.

Agreed that these bots are created by Ludia… I just beat a level 22 team with my level 15 team. It is random with its move sets.

Put it this way.
Your mons level ranges from 15 - 20.
The bot account uses level 30 Epic and Legendary mons.
Is this considered fair?

If it is difficult to understand, imagine three 15 - 20 years old kids got beaten by three 30 years old men. Who do you think will win?

That’s the fairness were talking about here.

its fair because its based on trophy counts. you dont find those bots in the first arena. they are only in the highest tier. imaigne if you had level 30 dinos going against level 15 bots in the highest arena there is. whats the point of that? the highest arena has to have high bots otherwise its just stupid.

Dude what did you even write ? LoL holy smokes man haha

Level 30 bots against even a level 25 isn’t fair let alone lower levels. They have bots in every level not just high ones. Also people create bot accounts to sell it’s not just jurassic world alive bots!!!


Yes I know that most are Ludia bots DUHHH not the point a guys posted a picture in another thread with a joystick he’s spoofing and generating coins he had almost a million coin !! That’s the cheating I’m talking about dude!!

Ludia is investigation his account now! Trust me he’s not the only one! this games going down the drain!!