I’m getting tired of these MOD events

What’s it gonna take for you guys to tone these events down?

I’m getting REALLY SICK of this. NOBODY ASKED FOR THESE CHANGES AND YET YOU FORCED THEM ON US ANYWAY. And I’ve tried the best possible combinations and still lost.

Why is it so much to ask to make these events easier?!?!?


I am guessing you have some high level Carnivores driving up your difficulty, that being said a couple of terrify MODs in slot 2 and 3 with a nullify on your first creature would make quick work of it, or completely shut down the opposing team with distraction on your first creature with two terrify MODs on level 1 amphibians in slot 2 and 3.

Mine looked similar, these mods events on Saturdays are really hard.
I took him out with a low level Amphibian in the first slot and a clone mod to build up reserves. Then 2 of my strongest in slot 2, with nullify and 3, cheap mod since he had the nullify on his side.
It worked.

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Tried it. Didn’t work because the bot didn’t feel like playing nice, and I wasted 100,000 VIP points trying to get just two Terrifies.

I hate these events, I hate that they punish us for maxing out our creatures like this, and I hate that the rewards are completely worthless for it.

For record though, I’m fine with having a challenge. But this borders on impossible and with the game so heavily one sided towards carnivores, I’d have to get like two or three maxed Gorgosuchus’ just to do events like this.

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How did you use VIP points to obtain MODs?

Had to get bucks to get Terrify. I know you can possibly get it from the Rare wheel, but it’s costing me DNA right now which I’m not willing to spend just to get a bunch of Rare mods and MAYBE a Super-Rare.

I have yet to get a single Terrify because I refuse to spend anything other than coins on Mods. I do a bunch of rare spins every day, but the chance of getting the SRs ones is pretty low and I’ve yet to get ANY of these new ones. I agree that mods have overall been a big detriment to the enjoyment of the game, I posted my match in one of the other threads on here, it wasn’t quite as bad as yours, but still MUCH harder than a PvE should be (and my my top dino is only a couple hundred higher, not enough to blame the match on) - still clearly an attempt to force the player into having to “pay to play” in order to get good enough mods to beat the ridiculously harder opponents.


Like, I don’t mind having a challenge at all, but this is getting ridiculous!

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I accepted a while ago that it is part of the challenge in the game that there will always be some events that I can not win. This was not one of them but I remember last week an event with no chance for me…at the moment.
It pushes me to become better in my lineup.
Wouldn’t it be boring if there comes a day when we can achieve every challenge in the game? Isn’t it a part of a game philosophy to frustrate you from time to time to keep tension high?
My strategy is to accept this and try to succeed in these very hard events some day…now…I used to complain about my fate a while ago too.


I spend about 1,000-1,500 DB a week on the SR MODs I only do one spin on a few of the packs a couple of times a week. I am only after Clone, Terrify, and Inspire. I have gotten a few SR just from the Rare spins but I am also doing 20-30 Rare spins a day probably more.

Hey, if that works for you man, then I genuinely say that’s good!

But, I have the best possible lineup any player could have this side of hacking the game, which I refuse to do. And I despise wasting my dinosaurs on events when I’ve got nothing to show for it and the dinosaurs won’t come back for a few days, and I refuse to buy bucks and give Ludia any more money than the $10 a month I give them already.

If they don’t balance out the game by giving us dinosaurs/creatures we NEED, such as more amphibians, herbivores, and pterosaurs with stats comparable to Yudon and Gorgosuchus, and they refuse to give us better rewards in the packs we DO win, then they can at least be able to, and SHOULD, make the events a little easier.

Not enough to make the events a cake-walk obviously, but no where near as bad as this.


I understand the point you make but I’m afraid that this is never going to happen.
These complaints are part of the forum as long as I follow it, I was a part of this fraction too, but realized some day that this leads to nothing but frustration on my side.
I once had a lineup similar to yours which made nearly each event impossible for me and I was very angry about this.
@Sionsith helped me to figure out what I did wrong (I will always be grateful for what he did), I had to sell a lot of my strongest dinos to come back to a balanced lineup in my 15, better 30 strongest dinos.
Since I did this those events are still hard, but manageable. Now I try to increase my lineup at a very slow pace always keeping an eye that it keeps balanced which is a strategy totally different from what I used to have. In retrospect I do no longer think I had a strategy at all.

The way you have built your line up is the reason you are having the difficulty you are facing. I would be happy to analyze it and give you a recommendation. Most of us here are not hackers and frankly don’t understand why someone would hack a game like this as the only satisfaction that is real in this game is the progression accomplishments, which if you hack are meaningless.


I strongly recommend that you use the offer to help by @Sionsith. You can take a look here
to see what my situation was and how he helped me.

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It says the page is no longer available.

Either way I’m too much of a completionist. I’ll find some way to work around it, like getting more high level Gorgosuchus’. Thanks though!

Look for this thread:
The Exit Battle Cheat

Is it this one? The Exit Battle Cheat

Yes, long one, but at some point in this thread I started to rebuild my lineup with a brief documentation from @Sionsith about what went wrong in my lineup.

My turn. Tried once, but the AI went for two reserves on the first turn, killing my first Diplo before i could get my own reserves up. I have one Terrify and one Inspire, but i’d rather not use them (cause it’s just one), and have no clones. Any suggestions other than using Terrify or Inspire or Legendary MODs? (That seems to be what the game wants though)

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Nullify for all 3. Maybe get a level 20 Diplosuchus just for the health sake.

Otherwise, use either Sarco or Microposaurus up first. Block once to see if the bot attacks. If it doesn’t, just reserve the 2 points and go from there, and if it does, keep going until you get to the 3 reserve points, and then just sacrifice it by reserving those three so you’ll have 7 on the next turn.

After that, two level 10 Diplosuchus should be able to handle the rest.

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