I’m in a state of shock

I just battled someone 625 trophies above me and I won, that was unexpected also anymore, but the shocking part was I gained 50 trophies for it. Makes me wonder if I would have lost to a much higher player would I have lost 100 trophies then. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Ludia 8 ball would indicate “chances are excellent”.

It doesn’t work like that, you gained 50 because they were so much higher than you, therefore, if you lost to that much higher player you would have lost a lot less than 50.

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But in the past when I’d lose to someone much higher ranked I’d still lost up to -39 points and when I’ve won I’d barely make +20 points. None of it really matters much anymore. They have no intention of fixing the matchmaking or correcting some of those abominations running around the arenas. I join a tournament that appeals to me and cautiously battle to replace incubators and let it go at that. I splurged and got the speed boosts, but that was all today. Our poor alliance seems like it lost all its spunk the past three weeks. Haven’t made level 5 anymore and barely get past 4. It’s a shame too as they could really turn the game around but when they won’t even fix the in game chat you know all their focus is on cash flow.

it make me sad when ludia lie about “200” trophy difference max…
The matchmaking is so pointless right now

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A B Team may be the answer for you until matchmaking is fixed up, thats how im riding out the storm and getting fair matches!

Just make sure the team average is pretty level and you should be right to go!

i know but i have nothing to really do an interesting B team at the moment.
I mean,to make that,i would have at least 6/8 dino from the same lvl and in HIGH apex or tyrant tier…I am completly screw because nothing announce me that one coming