I’m just wondering


I’m just curious. Have you guys looked at the top of the leaderboard? The number one person as of now has 2 level 24 uniques, 4 level 25 legenderies, and who knows what else. That’s crazy to me and I would just like to see some peoples guesses at how much a player like him spent on this game. I’m going to start this off with a guess of 4000-7000 USD. My friend says closer to 10000, reason being that to make the uniques alone you need to build two legendaries to level 20 and which takes a lot of dna to fuze then you need to fuze enough to make a total 850 unique DNA to make and level the uniques to level 24! What do you guys think.


Either he/she blew a huge amount of money, or got a VIP membership in the game’s public beta, or both. That’s my guess.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Maybe not right now, but it’s inevitable.