I m kinda stuck help

I don’t know that to work for
1 phos I am having it as local
2 Tentonrex would be good but I don’t have tenton
3 idk to go for spinocon or tenton
4 I m slowly going for smiloceph
5 should I level up my mono
6 I want quetza but hard to get
7 slowly working towards erdom
8 should I just continue working to improve my team and not make new creatures
9 I work on something not stated above
10 just only do battles

boost wise

Level mammotherium, it’s amazing. You get dna from the raids and it’s a amazing cunning/fierce/resilient killer

Also alloraptor would do wonders for you, you could switch him for spinota

And yes level up monolo he’s amazing

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Mono might get Nerfed though.?
But yes Mammotherium is extremely powerful.

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You have a lvl 8 tenonto ready to lvl up!

plus u could get eremoceros

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Getting as many dinos levelled at 15 is a worthy choice opening up many opportunities to get legendarys & then onwards for uniques , that’s standard play, however some players just opt to make dinos they feel will help win them in a shorter time then go back to fuse n level others they’ve missed later , giving any advice may be based on what I would do ,

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