I’m liking Erlikospyx

Just got him on the 4th. Seems to be really effective with all opponents. Just need to boost his health a little more. Very powerful dinosaur. What do you guys think?


just unlocked mine aswell but havent really kicked the tires yet

Another rat food. :grin:
Should be good, but need lvls.

When I’ll unlock it, will be benched till lvl 23-24.

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I agree! Get him to 24, and he will be extremely dangerous. It took a lot of boosting health to get him where he is right at now. I need to level him up the old fashion way.

yeah thats what i noticed… rat food with under 2500 hp at lvl 21

Love this Dino coming in 2nd or 3rd

im sure its great against thor and erlid

Distract and then put Spyx bleed on those Thor’s and have fun imagining the rage they are going through because they know their boost juiced super Thor is going to die if it doesn’t swap out and chooses to go for the kill.

Or they swap it out and its a setup for later, either way it works for me ^_^.

My only problem is that his health needs to be at least 3400 to 3500 in order for him to be extremely dangerous. I did the same thing with Thor by first using distract and then followed by bleed; however, His health needs to be high enough to absorb another hip. Need to get his health to about level 23 or 24 area. I think once you get the Health around there, he will be very effective.

Another thing I like doing with him is, when the rat takes out one of your dinosaurs, you put him in in one shot the rat. I get extreme pleasure in taking out the rat.