I’m looking for a new alliance before the end of the tournament season

I love my alliance but as I’m progressing in the game I need a better alliance to be able to get better rewards… For instance, I am trying to get Scorpio gen 3, I am 3/4 of the way with dna and if I get at least a tier 8 I will have my 4th unique

Hiiii!!! I invite you to come to StarRaptors!!! We are pretty active and looking for new active players!! Please join us :smile::smile::pray: I hope the alliance is strong enough so you get that 4th unique you wish!! :smile::smile::pray::sparkles:

Join us on our server too:

Have a great day!!!

I found an alliance already but, if I get booted or something I might probably try joining

Hii!! I’m sorry :grimacing::pray:I saw your request and accepted it but silly me didn’t show the door to a random player that is not on our server yet to give you a spot and the request is gone :persevere::persevere:… I understand :pray: if you are booted you are welcome to join us yes?

Have a good game ^^ :muscle::sparkles: