I‘m losing and losing and losing and losing

Just need to share my frustration.
I hate it so much that you gotta be lucky what four dinosaurs you get for a battle.
I had it so many times now that I had four dinos who aren‘t good together while my opponent has a well balanced battle team.

Its just so frustrating when you look at your four dinosaurs and know that the battle is lost.

I‘m stuck in Arena 6 since weeks now and I don‘t enjoy this anymore. Just trying to get some incubators and I hate it even more when I finally win one battle out of six and only get a 3h incubator.

I don‘t even remember anymore when I got my last 12h or even 24h incubator.

Definitely think that Ludia should fix that arena and battle problem. I‘m sure I‘m not the only one complaining. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Well incubators are won in a cycle, so if you keep track, it is very easy to predict which one you’re going to get. Then once every 4/5 cycles you get a 12/24 hour incubators, with 2 12 hours preceding the 24 hour one. Also the cycle between the first and second 12 hour ones is usually more than 5 cycles.


Dead again. Opponent had lv 16 Postimetrodon (immune), Stegoceratops, lv 20 Velociraptor and Alanqa.
I had Stygimoloch (destroyed by Posti), lv 15 Velociraptor (damaged by Alanqa, I chose Gorgosuchus and killed it with shield breaking and cleaning effect) and opponent took Stegoceratops. Stunned two times then even with 10% chance. Then I took stego out with my Monolophosaurus with still getting damage. Finally, opponent killed my dino with damn veloci.

Well I‘m trying until I win one but fun is dead right now…

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Forgot to mention that my opponent had also crits. I didn‘t have a single one. :frowning:

Never mind, just keep fighting. The deeper you fall, the easier it is to win.


Post your team we can give you some advice.


Why don’t you try to improve your team? Might help…


Of course I‘m trying. Getting as much DNA as I can.
But the incubators mostly contain useless stuff and somehow, where I live the epic and rare dinosaurs really are rare.

Some find three epics a day, I find three in a week with luck. :slight_smile:
I‘m working on two legendaries.

I just finally won a battle with my Gorgosuchus, Velociraptor, Alanqa and Postimetrodon. :slight_smile:
Lost many trophies but lastly, I don‘t care. Just glad it worked.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be… mean… But what you are describing happens to everyone, several times. Basically, you reach a point in the game, where you can’t advance, because your team has reached its upper limit. When this happens, you will not be able to advance, until you improve or change your current team. Experiment by replacing the creature that seems to be the weak link. Also, don’t be a fashion victim, that is to say don’t put a low performing legendary creature on your team, just because it has a red border… Some over-leveled commons, which are very easy to level up, can be a lot better than low-level legendaries…


If I were you, I would try replacing the avian with either Ankylosaurus or Kentrosaurus… They are both very irritating creatures…


I suggest to add 1 more immune dino into your battle team, n your ankylocodon seems to have the highest potential, granted the attack is not so great, n needs over leveling to be effective, but this dino has helped me hover around jurassic ruins, and is a mainstay in my battle team, give it a try!

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‘m stuck in Arena 6 since weeks top.

Lol, dude, I’m in the top 100 players and this happens to me. There is not really a cure to it except getting 8 Dino’s to level 30. It’s part of the game


Throw out Stygi for Ankylodon.
You can also change Alanqa for Nodopato.
You need more tanks.

EDIT: Take your time to grind legendaries. Don’t rush, cause you need well balanced team to be successful in arena. Still you fall in some losing streaks.

I’m normally in low Ruins, but few days before tournament end fall under 3700 trophies, but climb back eventually.

Same here bro. I’m almost level capped but still stuck in arena 7 with mostly >lvl20 fight team. I have over 60 creatures that are ready for upgrade but only a handful of them are worth while. For me, that handful takes a long time to gather DNA. Especially since im not willing to put a LOT of money AND/OR time. I play the long game. Little bit of money once a week and at least one outing a day. Fear not young ones. There are changes coming. The game will get “rebalanced” again. Keep playing.

as soon as you add better dinos to your team and level them a bit higher your trophies level will increase, decrease then plateau a bit higher then now untill you add better dinis again at higher levels. only thing i would say is, on this journey, try to keep your dinos balanced in level.

Hey I fought you recently in the battle arena. Nice to see a familiar name on the forum.

Until I got Indominus Rex I had T Rex on my team; Nodopatosaurus was my main tank until I got Stegodeus. Pp suggested Kentrosaurus, whom I recommend as well.

Dinos I would definitely keep on my team: Gorgosuchus (still have her in Arena 8) and Stegoceratops. I would also add another raptor, (Pyroraptor, Utahraptor or Blue is who I used).

Also, learn from your opponents! Look at your recent opponents list and compare teams.

Don’t give up! I’m currently in mid-Arena 8, trying to get closer to 9 and bouncing up and down like a yo-yo… but I know it’s only a matter of time, trying different dinos on my team, and improving them.

GL! :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha I see, nice to see u here too!

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