I‘m losing and losing and losing and losing

Again…dead dead dead and of course dead.
Love it.

Don‘t stand a chance against lv 20 raptors, legendaries and so on.

And again. Died thanks to raptor.

Think I won‘t battle today anymore. I just don‘t have luck. As always…:cry:

Guess what I just lost twice, it happens man. When I reached arena 6 I went back and forth between 5 and 6 constantly, it’s the nature of the game. You’ve got to put the frustration to one side.

I would put Ankylocodon on your team and think about leveling it up. I’ve continued lvling mine to 19 now and it’s still on my team and i’m now around rank 3400, it is pretty effective against velociraptors due to the immunity and slow down attack and shield. I would replace Postosuchus with Ankylocodon.

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Also velociraptor will at some point become a one time wonder because people will have plenty of immune or slowdown dinos, and I am always countering velociraptors with slow down attacks and then killing them. So you may want to rethink having velociraptor on your team, but that’s something to consider a bit later I think.

I have my velociraptor at lvl 18 and a few weeks ago decided to take it off my team for the first time in ages. It may get a good pounce on opponents, but usually it is a one hit wonder and only good use of it is the swapping technique.

Yeah I don‘t deny that you can counter those raptors.
But as I wrote earlier, I often have the problem that I‘m getting a group of four dinos who aren‘t working good together. That‘s when I know I‘ve lost.
Especially, when my opponent has a high lvl raptor and a well balanced team allowing him for example to swap without giving me an advantage.

I know that it‘s normal to lose sometimes. But I hate it when I know right at the start that I‘m lost.

Yes I already took Stygi out and replaced with Ankylocodon. Its tru that sometimes it really is a good counter.
But I often had her taken down by shield breaking dinosaurs, which often were very high lvl Postimetrodon.

I wish you could put your battle team together without that luck factor.
I am not kissed by fortuna so for me strategy is the only option. Cannot count on luck.

Maybe someone understands me? I feel like I‘m seen by some as a whiny little kid wanting to win without to do something for it. That‘s not true.

I‘m collecting as much as I can, but I don‘t only have no luck in battles I also have no luck with epics spawning in my area. That makes it even more harder to get the DNA I need for levelling up or fusing.
I also don‘t have many coins so I‘m saving them.

Well today I almost lost 200 trophies and almost fell into arena 5. I‘m just glad that lastly, I could finally win a battle.

I don’t see you as a whiny kid, we’ve all been there, we’ve all vented because of the big long losing streaks we’ve had. But it’s something I came to accept. Don’t get me wrong I still get annoyed when I lose a few in a row when all I want is an incubator, but you gotta learn to not let it get to you, then you’ll enjoy it more.

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I understand your frustration when you get worst possible combination of 4 dinos. Had this issue when I was fusing legendaries to replace epics. Not long ago I got Pyrritator and it team. Today I took it out, cause I kept getting Pyrri, Gorgo and Tryostronix and usually Monomimus, Monostego or Indominus in fourth place.

Try to balance your team to lower number of possible worst combinations.

Maybe Replace the second with your purple Dino
( Nodo… I’ll never remember the names) & I would put t-Rex in he’s a decent critical beast

So far. Undefeated.
These guys will work any which way they deploy. Grant It I’m only arena 3.
And I keep a physical list of my secondary 8 that I’ll switch out when things look rough.

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OK, LUDIA, seriously!
Work out a way to prevent losing strokes that last longer than 5 battles. This amount of frustration costs you money. A frustrated player would’t spend money on a level-up offer or else. This is particularly bad if the opponents evasive stance works 8 of 10 times and yours like 2 of 10 times. You need an algorythm that controls the RNG. If 1 or 0 are happening too often, an algorythm might adjust the odds to a more balanced outcome. If my opponents outwits me, ok. But I don’t want to lose because of chance.

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@GermanRaptor I agree with Kentro. He’s a great opener … priority moves are super helpful! This is my crew;

Feel free to friend me, and we can friendly battle. :grinning:. Username is, Ladiamondgrenade and my #0344

Thanks I friended you. :slight_smile:
My nicknamens just Raptor. ^^


We all have the same experience. I once lost 12 battles in a row. You are going to get bored of the game in 2 weeks if you kept on winning. Losing is part of the game and it’s part of what made it interesting.

Yeah if chances of f.e. DNA were the same.
I‘m driving and walking so much and I barely find some epics. Sometimes, I call myself lucky when i found one epic in a week.

Then I see other players finding soooo many epics and useful rare ones, having so much luck with fusing (50,70,100) while I‘m getting mostly 10 and then I see other players getting tons of useful DNA out of incubators while I‘m mostly getting useless stuff.

This means that other players are getting further, while I‘m staying on same lvl for weeks. This results in battles with opponents having so much more stronger dinos and hybrids.

Great. I know that losing‘s natural. But I don‘t even stand a chance in so many battles though I‘m trying so hard to lvl up my team.
Even invested money and I regret most of these that‘s why I don‘t pay Ludia anymore.

It’s a matter of gusts. Yesterday afternoon I reached my best classification. I was in 4709 and I was already looking at the possibility of reaching 5000 or even reaching the top 500 … A few hours later I am at 4485. 224 lost points almost consecutive, I would say that I have lost 12 of 14 battles, and the last ones two for errors of the application (one that I lost without finishing when I was going to win and one that at first did not let me select my creature or my hit and I had to restart). I have also committed and I have not had luck with the draw of creatures but this I do not take it badly, except we are in the middle of a tournament. Now surely having dropped so much level I will chain many victories and I will return to the 4600 that I believe is my current correct level.

I think it’s all about luck except the Epic issue. I have come to the conclusion that there are areas where they do not really come out and, it is possible, that this happens throughout Europe because it has happened to me near Barcelona but also in 6 other European countries. Except for very special days, it is difficult to find more than one Epic every 6 or 7 active hours of play. Yesterday was one of those special days and I found 3 epic the same day, although two of them had little use (2 secondotosauro), although I had the application all the time connected and I did a little search on public transport. Then I read people who say they see 7 or 8 epic every day and even 2 at the same time and it’s a little frustrating but good, in the end, you must decide whether or not to play according to the circumstances and, at least for now, you and I should get used to it to not find epic and to look to evolve good creatures that do not need them (tragodistis, stegodeus, gorgosuchus, stegoceratops, postimetrodon …). In fact, I now have a great team and most creatures have not needed Epic but it is true that I have little room for improvement.

Oh boy. Have to face so many overpowered Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Indom Rex, … even one Indoraptor and I‘m falling again.
It was a nice day in the swamps but now I‘m back in a lower arena.

Few finally RNG was on my side. Destroyed Monomimus with my Trex (oh what a nice feeling yeah) and oneshotted an Indom with Gorgosuchus. Then my Indom cloaked two Velociattacks and then destroyed a Monostegotops the opponent swapped in. Saved the day though the thing with the disappeared Sino still upsets me. If only I would‘ve clicked at a distance of like 80m…

But hakuna matata, I‘ll just enjoy the sweet taste of victory. Won‘t last more than 24h, but this moment is mine. :slight_smile:

I hit a similarly frustrating point a month back. I ended up deliberately losing and dropping to 1500 trophies. I then played with my low level Dinos to be fair and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of fun swap in effects for the low level (eg useless) dinos. It look me a good 2-3 weeks to get back to my ceiling, and in that time I got more DNA, better dinos etc and am now capping a few hundred higher that when I went in.

It’s not a solution to your current problem, but I found it to be a fun distraction, and it got me back into looking forward to battling.

Today… 18 fights… 3 times win… 15 times loose…
I’m not amused… i lost more than 400 trophey…