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I‘m losing and losing and losing and losing


No worries! I hope your luck improves!!


I reached my all time high (5,105) yesterday and am currently < 4,700. What happened?! :anguished:

As the saying goes… pride always comes before the fall :laughing:


Yo-yo … got to Aviary … barely hung on to Lockwood … back in Aviary … and that’s just 48 hours …


Well I had such bad luck I just can‘t realize what happened. I lost 400 trophies now in two days and won only 4 battles. I felt back into the Sorna marshes and the RNG has punched me so bad in the face that it still hurts.

Again the typical szenario: opponent‘s dinosaurs are getting dozens of crits and hits through cloak while my hits are getting nowwhere. I‘m filming every battle and had a crisis a while ago.

I saw myself falling and falling and suddenly began to cry. I know it sounds stupid cause its just a game and bad luck yeah of course…

But I sat there and cried. Because I realized that I wasted so much money for nothing. That I were stupid enough to throw my real money in the opened hands of a company not giving me something back than frustration.

I realized the 300€ are gone and that for nothing. And I were so angry about my own stupidity yeah. Too late.
Don‘t know how to say it.

But I worked so hard and got some legendaries now but I‘m still failing so hard. Is ot because of my negative comment in the app store?

So I decided to drop. Gonna get what I can but as soon as I see that RNG‘s again against me and my opponent‘s way too OP, I‘ll be giving up and drop further. Just for the incubators.

Just wanted to see my thoughts written somewhere. I‘m so down now and only because of a virtual game.

Yes it was my decision to spend all that money. But until now, I felt like I‘d be in something like a trance. After these fails I finally had the moment I realized how dumb I‘ve been to throw my money outta the window. Should‘ve used it better.

Well. I won‘t deinstall due to the fact I don‘t wanna loose what I‘ve gotten but now I just don‘t enjoy it anymore. I started to hate battling and RNG.

I know misfortune is normal! I know losing is normal! I usually like battles!
But I hate my undoubtably big fat amount of misfortune! It‘s so bad somebody could even think there‘s something wrong in the program…

Puh…yeah I‘m much more calmer than few minutes before. I‘ll continue til I get my incubators but the joy and the motivation are dead.

But there‘s a good thing. I finally hit the point where I realized that I made such a dumb decision and I‘m gonna learn from it.
No more cash for Ludia anymore. Only for games I really enjoy and which are made with love.


And btw I do know there are players who had even harder losing phases with way more trophies.
What I‘m trying to say is just that today, I suddenly hit the point of realization.

Normally, I would be angry but calm down after a while and try again. But that thing today just kinda shocked me.

Perhaps I‘m just way too sensitive or so and taking things too serious. But yeah perhaps there are some people understanding me.

Nevertheless I‘m wishing you a nice weekend!


You aren’t. But unless you pump lots of money into the game, they’ll never listen. The free player, the casual spender, they don’t give a hoot about us.

I’m stuck in 5. I get to 6, and after maybe Lucky win, I go into a 5 or more battle nosedive


Yes, we all do the wining/losing streak thing. It is the nature of the game. Some go on longer streaks than others and not all swings are huge. Most I have been lately is 200 down.

As a side note: With all the past RNG no dodge, failed cloak threads I can’t believe how many folks still lead with Indom and cloak right off. Had three in a row tonight, won two of them.


Yeah well the opponent‘s Indom always managed to dodge while mine failed in 6 out of 7 battles.


6 out of 7? That would make me change my strategy in using it. If something is not working on my team, I try using it in a different way or it is benched. I use different strategies until I find something that does work for me.

I have both Indom and recently Indo. Indom is off, it was always my last pick in battle and hardly ever saw the arena anyway. Indo, in the week I have had it, I do not think I used Evasive in a battle yet. I have found a niche for it and it has performed very well for me. I could see Evasive as a hail Mary if it came to it.


same goes for me regarding stunning. my opponents can stun 2, 3, even 4 turns in a row just using 25 pct chance, yet my “75 percent” stun chance works maybe one in 10 times. Tis frustrating


Believe it or not, the humble Suchotator is a very good Indoraptor counter…


Any type of 75% stun move has been failing badly for me as of late… I’ve had about a 30% chance instead. My opponents aren’t having much luck with it either, theirs have been failing quite often too.


Well I just played 57 battles I last 3 days and have only won 21. So yeah I share the pain. Being going around from almost 4500 to almost 3600 and now I am at 3900


And I am losing as my indo is not getting dodges and the worst 3 matches were with a chicken team where the chicken dodged 8 times in one match, 4 in one , and 6 in one. Could not believe my eyes as we were told that it will not dodged that many


In the current meta it’s not a bad strategy because so many players are now starting with a bleeder! The only thing that surprises me is how many opponents let me take down their I Rex (I usualy pull mine after cloak and possibly bring her back later).

She’s tanky, packs a powerful punch when cloak holds and - the best part - is immune. If I encounter a nullifyer I swap immediately.

She’s definitely staying on my team!


I learned last night that my team isn’t cutting it. Too many bleeders… lost over 100 trophies which isn’t horrible, but it really took me by surprise. Couldn’t dodge or evade a single hit even knowing to not count on it. Just venting a bit.


I made a couple changes this morning and wondering if it will hurt or help. Any feedback is very appreciated! I swapped out indom and Utah for sucho and posti.