I’m not going to lie I’m peeved!


Last time you gave us an epic tower there was only one Dino to fight off. This time 3. That’s not where my heartburn comes from. This tower was significantly harder. Combinations that normally kill raptors off (stegodeus 18, tragodistis 16, irex 20, and pyrotator 16) were wrecked. How were we expected to take them on with out a second chance to fix what we did wrong? The RNG TRASHED a cloaked Irex… all I can say is I’m pissed! Anyone else get burned like me?


Sounds like Irex was too much of a gamble. Last time this occurred, granted it was only one dino, I used Vraptor and my tanks. Vraptor took the prize XD. If you get another one like this, try Vraptor and other speedsters, maybe one or two tanks.


If irex dodge fails it is toast against high damage Dino’s, a big risk if you want to guarantee Victory in a difficult strike event


My heartburn is you don’t get a chance to learn from your loss. If we were fighting one Dino and had one attempt that still gives you time to work them down if you pick a bad move.


What do you battle against ?


This one shows what you face. Oh dang! Thanks Ludia!


And I gave you tips for next time this happens. Vraptor and other speedsters, plus a tank or two, should work better than gambling Irex.


It tells you before you fight what you’re fighting I just used my tanks and my slow down dinos and that was it . Did it in 1


Pyrotator… there is your problem. Always see what your opponents are before going in. A pyrotator will get one shotted. Using slow dinos and tanks should be effective. Even invincibility trait and shield.


what level were your tanks? because i used the same strategy and couldnt make it


This is my team I used the two big hitters then finished with the killer ostrich


I actually enjoyed a “challenging” tower. So far it’s felt like participation points, which I’m sure many people would appreciate, but at some point they [Ludia] has to motivate people to level their teams up … or everyone just accept that sometimes people win/lose

(From experience… a med/high level velociraptor and anything with superiority strike Should do you just fine)


Yeah I liked the fact I couldn’t just automatically take them all out with my stegodeous


Did I just get really unlucky?


oh mate, you had a good team.
i’m okay with ludia making these towers difficult, but at least they should give us 1 more chance


You lost ? With that pack! Wow you’re so much more powered than I am


Try using stegodeous, monostegotops and tragodistis they all have slowing


Yea any raptor team should stink against a decrease speed trait or shield. But still, if you lost with that team, now I’m nervous


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