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I’m probably never going to get a level 22 erlidominus


Man I’m so close to my dang erlidominus lvl 22, but the months almost up and it’s soon going to be a new Dino. How unfortunate for me if only I had 3 more days because I never find the magical golden chicken. I’m so close to a level 20 erlikosaurus, but I missed 4 or 5 daily missions because I had to do something really important. That goes to show that everyday does count.


Out of curiosity, what’s your trophy count and what does the rest of your team look like ?


Trophy count 4007

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I’m not a scrub by any means, and felt guilty for going after erlidominus on St. Patrick’s day


Decent looking team!
You’re going the dioraja route I take it ?


Yes it’s too bad I have close to no rajasaurus dna


You hardly have much left to get tbh and its a sure shot 10 fuse…



If you stay above 4000 and the Erlik remains in Lockwood incubators you’ll eventually make it.


In my neighborhood they are a pretty common epic spawn maybe in the new update you will encounter it more often.


Pop some epic scents in L2…


You meant L3?


Yes, meant L3… Thanks for the correction!


No he can’t fuse anything his golden chicken isn’t L20 yet. You are closer to leveling your Nightmare Chicken than he is


I have fused it 7 Times…and everytime i only get 10 DNA from erlido… that is bad… if you know how many DNA you need to fuse


By never you mean a month or two I take it. I need both T-Rex and big bird. I’m probably 3 months out before having him at lvl 21 even.



Yeah, that’s the price you pay for going for an unique you were far from creating :wink: But hey, 21 Erli is still not that bad.


Your team is pretty well balanced. Obviously you’ll make some changes along the way but you’re off to a good start.

Going dioraja was probably for the best b.c splitting rex between indo, Erlidom and tryko can be quite a struggle (speaking from experience)

Also, I think the new (1.7) dioraja will be pretty decent! (And also a great counter for all the other erlidoms! :hatched_chick::stop_sign:)