I’m quitting JWA

Before I start my rant I just want to say that I used to love this game and still kinda do. Also my alliance was very good and I liked them but I just can’t play this game anymore.

So here’s why I’m quitting:

The major problem with this game is the lag. Recently my game started crashing and freezing for over 30 seconds sometimes in the middle of battles. Because of that I lost many times and I do have a decent Wi-Fi so it’s not that the problem. So this was the major factor driving me to quit.
Another thing is the constant meta shifts. I was a casual player and didn’t have the ressources to change my team every update.
Linked to that is the PvP. The arena is way too repetitive with most of the time facing skoonas, Prexes, scorpios gen 3, indot, indo, thor and spinocon. I’m not saying I had a hard time against all of them. For example I never had too much problem with spinocon. What I disliked was that it was the same boring matches with the rare off-meta teams.
The horrendous matchmaking is something that I also hate. I was often paired with people with level 30 uniques and apexes even when my team was made up mostly of level 20-21 creatures.
And finally I have other things to do irl and since JWA is a grindy game I don’t have time for this. I’m not complaining about the grind it’s just that at this point I have to choose between real life and JWA and I know which one I find more important.

Really I don’t want to play a game I don’t enjoy anymore. Playing a game is supposed to be fun.
Also, I’m going to stick to the forum for now so you’ll probably still see me post.

For anyone wondering, I’ve been playing this game for two years and here’s my team and best creatures:


Enjoy life outside the game :wave:



It was wonderful having you around. I wish you all the best in your next adventures!


Agree on this.

Only for some 100 players the meta is fun.

The rest of us, 99.9% players, cant keep it up.


Quitting thread.