I’m sooo freekin nervous

I am just where I want to be in the tournament 4269! Well that’s not 100% accurate! I would love to be 6000 but it ain’t gonna happen!

Everytime I open my game now I’m afraid to accidentally hit the battle button at which point you will see on the news “Man strangles himself with a iPhone charging cable! :joy::joy::joy:

Relax Rolybert it’s almost over! At least until the next tournament :weary::weary::weary:



Right there with you buddy

Jeez I have to constantly force close the game to avoid a butt battle :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve been here for over a week. No incubators running. It’s horrible. Never again

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I wouldve kept playing. Youd have gotten more from the daily incubators. I just hit 4400… I will play as long as Im over 4300

Yup that battle button is looking very tempting.
Especially since i have levelled a bunch of dinos the impulsive side of me is telling me i will be fine, you are stronger now… and the logical side of me is saying dont do it,you will regret it. So far the logical side is winning

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37 hours left to go… I wouldnt have stopped too early but… Right now I might. It is a tough decision

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I stopped Wednesday or Thursday :joy:
So my finger is itching
Thankfully friendly battles are a thing

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I’ve been all over the place, was 4506 this morning and I just couldn’t resist… ended up away back down to 4360 :unamused: now I’m 4512 and I’m itching to try again… though the match that got me over 4500 was a close one so I don’t think I’ll risk it…

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My tourney ended last night. Had a horrible RNG streak and decided 4529 is where I’ll be staying. Not risking losing out on those coins

Almost have my Diloracheirus to level 26, I’m tempted but the thought of having to wait forever and then face a team of uniques is enough of a deterrent for me right now. Unless Ludia answers my email and fix this pooling mistake on their end but I doubt it :frowning: .

I doubt they will fix anything in the game as they aren’t there on the weekends usually! Everything that happens over the weekend is a auto set situation! IE strike events and event Dinos


I’m not touching a thing :joy::joy::joy:

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Run of loses got me to 4526. Just had to stop kept playing better teams. No idea how I got to rank 400 a week ago.

Is it bad I want people to get bored before the next tournament? Think it’s the only way I’m moving up that table.

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The bloodbath is really happening.
At 4.7k I’ve been battling uniques at L24. Now can’t even get back to 5k. Not to mention where I was 3 days back…:pensive:

Everyone wants a spot in the top 500.
I was surprisingly in it (446) during the first 5 days of this tournament but I knew it was early days.

Throughout, I have ding dong-ed anywhere from 4400-4650. My breakthrough was 2 days ago when I squeezed in at 4751. Then thinking I could do better and possible chance to weasel my way into top 500… oh boy, I saw myself going on a losing streak and as low as 4450!

I took a long break after getting lectured by other half for swearing left, right center. Recomposed myself to make it back to 46xx and stopped.

Today, after more than 15 hrs, I went in again… 2 loses and 3 wins, I hit 4749! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I took a 5 min break, contemplating the possibility of winning or losing… Heck it!
Now sitting at 4779. :sunglasses:

I don’t think I can squeeze into top 500, seeing as how brutal the arena is right now, with less than 24 hrs to go. I believe as what Metahub predicted as well, you will need 4900 and above to stay afloat.

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I killed that dude once xD

Don’t have to fight remember that. I was safe from day 3 took a tumble for almost 2 weeks made it back cpl days ago. I still been battling for incub since then competition is fierce but all the hammer of god teams are further from the line of scrimmage so not day 1 bloodbath styles slowly gaining ground

it wasn’t easy to do, but i made the decision to stop at 4700.

i am now at 4502.


and, 4752.


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