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I’m sorry...220 gems?!

Guess there won’t be any painting going on for me :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Damn wth Ludia. Yeah this confirms it, I’m done with this game.

I rather spend my money on other games that be worth my while.

Might I recommend the app Arcana? They mostly have males and they have two females route but hey we’ve been getting nothing but males on here anyway.

The stories on there arepretty good and it’s really not pay to play even though of course they ones with the purchase option are the fun one.

And you can always re-read the story from the beginning or any part of the story. It’s a fun game in my opinion, I highly recommend it

Agreed. If this is how they’re testing these Gem increases for premium choices, I loathe to think the kind of BS they’re gonna try to pull with people’s old Favs that haven’t been brought back yet.

You’d think that increasing the gem options prices after their surveys likely said they were already too high would be counter productive.

Maybe they’re shifting to the “aim for the denominator of people who will pay and focus only on them” model a lot of pay-to-play apps have taken in the last few years.

It’s a real shame. I loved this app a lot. If the only way to enjoy it is to wait weeks to save gems for a single premium option then I might have to let it go.

Not to mention how this screws over people who don’t farm other matches, or people who genuinely want to enjoy more than one match.

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I just feel bad for new players because they’re going to fall for Ludia trap and I believe they make their money on the new people that get excited when they first start out on this app

I mean they did with me, before I reached the end on my matches.

And look where we are now. Smh

And this time we didnt even get a reward :unamused:

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