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I’m surprisingly optimistic

Man I take half a day off from the game and stumble into this. It’s like I left my stove on to find my house nuked. :sweat_smile:

I feel I’m usually pessimistic when it comes to this game and the decisions Ludia makes, but surprisingly I’m optimistic about JWA’s future. In my eyes Ludia has two options. A) Take a hit and reset boosts or B) do nothing and let their game die.

Boosts are out of control and have broken the game. The recent store bug has only added to the insane imbalance boosts have brought. Reverting them is the only plausible/fair solution. I’m confident Ludia will see reason and go with A.

Either way I’m not going to let it bug me anymore. They’ll either fix the game and I’ll be happy, or they won’t and I’ll move on and still be happy :smiley:


You must have missed the other thread. They don’t care about fair play.

What’s the Thread called?

Completely agree with everything in the OP.

Also kind of bummed about people leaving, and I’m starting to legitimately worry if the game is gonna be around for awhile.

I sure hope it is (At least till Sept 13th anyway, something is coming that I have been waiting for). :wink:


I wholeheartedly agree with the first part.
The second? Well, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

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I agree 100% with fixing the boosts - removing them all and refunding and starting over. Two weeks for a whole lot of people to hit tier 7 couldn’t have been the intent or boosts at all levels would’ve been purchasable. Speed would’ve been present in the store if it was intended to be used so widely and so quickly. Clearly they understood the difference between speed and health/damage in importance.