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I made a discovery that may not be relevant


If you hold a move when indominus rex is on cloak it can tell you whether it hits or not

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I noticed this too but if you try with different moves it changes. Like hit or not but this is just visual glitch. In reality it can still skip as expected

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I thought this occurred too, but I have definitely held an attack button that said it would go through cloak but then it did not.


This is why I put in the title “a discovery that may not be relevant”

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I know, was just telling my experience.


It’s the damage preview. If it hits that’s what it will do.


I’ve noticed this too. One attack will not show the preview, giving the impression it will miss. Another attack in the same turn will show a preview, implying it hits.

In playing around a bit with friendly battles, it doesn’t actually seem tied to any result. I had one not show a preview that did hit, and I had one that showed reduction in health that missed. And sometimes vice versa.

Oh well. :slight_smile:


Yes it’s the damage preview, but that’s not what the OP is talking about, because some damage previews show no damage, some show damage.

I can confirm that even if it does show what damage would be taken it doesn’t mean the cloak will fail, I tested it myself and found it still cloaked.


Oh cool sorry about that. I thought it was part of the we fixed damage preview that came with 1.6

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What!?:raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀ I don’t know