I Made a Superhybrid for Every Hybrid Without One [Concepts]

So this took a fair bit to make, but hopefully they turned out well. I did omit the hybrids from 2.1 and 2.2 since they are still pretty well brand new, they can get in line lol. Some of these guys have been waiting a year or more and could really use one to help diversify arena and raid play.

Here we go:

  • Alankylosaurus


This guy is A-1 on the list for needing a superhybrid. Right with Ankylocodon, this thing is ancient and well overlooked update after update. This superhybrid with Haast’s G2 sees it become a raid support creature that can grant its team an evasive stance while it taunts itself, something that could be beneficial against big hitters that are unbothered by distraction. It may also serve well in the arena as a multi-use tank, being able to layer distraction with both shields and evasion.

  • Ankylocodon


The ankle biter gets beefier while trading off shields. With a little extra armor and the addition of precision and another impact, it’s a straight upgrade unless you really prefer having the group shield. I don’t really like making straight upgrades, but in the game it’s definitely always been a thing so here it is. I think this is an ideal match of ingredients.

  • Dimodactylus


Dimodactylus has been ripe for a super for a long time imo, I’m sure others will agree. This superhybrid sees it regain a counter in the form of wounding, and I’ve slotted it in among an interesting set. Why gashing instead of lethal wound you ask? Gashing has a 1 turn CD, which paired with wounding counter is still lethal and can be reapplied sooner. Immobilize can be used to get off Gashing Wound’s CD right away while maximizing your DoT ticks. You’re not helpless against bleed resistance though, retaining the croc’s FI for reliable damage.

  • Procerathomimus


I think we’ve all danced around the prodigal rat for quite a long time waiting for it to get a superhybrid. This isn’t the most creative one granted, but it does fall into an interesting role. Partnered with Koolasuchus, it becomes the one and only pure cunning counterattacker. As such it has a full damaging Nullify counter with a higher than average attack stat. It can heavily mitigate damage for a team with its Group Debilitate, but it falls easily to any resilient threats.

  • Diplovenator

I think anything that inevitably gets combined with Andrewsarchus will be terrifying, but I feel like I struck a strong balance here combining with the old wedge head. It’s not excitingly fast, but with a full counter and RT it will absolutely munch any HP beasts. This is something that will require heavy damage like Erlidoms and Spyx to neutralize it in as few turns as possible.

  • Brontolasmus


Two things were behind this hybrids creation. First, it seems rhinos have been revamped into possibly the hardest hitting of all resilients. Second, we no longer have any resilients that are able to run. Brontomoloch can deliver heavy damage while also being mobile should it need to escape, and fittingly has Instant Charge (it’s a rhino) to insure it can keep laying down damage pressure.

  • Erlikogamma


If nothing else, I love the name I came up with for it :laughing:. It is quite fragile like it’s predecessor, but it makes up for that with two pounces for heavy damage potential. It also usurps Poukaidei and becomes the fastest hybrid in the game. With boosts in the mix that speed advantage isn’t guaranteed, but in tournament settings it could be quite the leg up on winning a matchup.

  • Alloraptor


Probably my hundredth iteration of an Alloraptor/Carnotaurus fusion, I think this one capitalizes best on what Alloraptor is meant to be. It turns Rending Takedown into a counter move, which sounds OP, but Raptaurus really doesn’t have much HP and it lost a speed point and its Distraction resist. In certain situations, it could in all possibility do a turn 1 KO to HP giants without armor to resist its rampage. This mega damaging counter is extremely strong, but in reality it just doesn’t have the HP or solid protections to swat a whole team like you might think. Things like Magna and Erlidom completely neutralize the threat it poses, which I feel benefits balancing the meta with more cunnings getting tagged in.

  • Keratoporcus


It occurred to me that there are no group rending moves in the game. While yes, it does also suffer the problem Thor has in that it is not available turn 1, it remedies by having another traditional group shattering impact as backup. Equally interesting, it can buff up in two separate ways for multiple avenues of team support, survivability, or going straight for damage.

  • Phorusaura


It’s hard to go in a straight line for a Unique from Phorusaura. It’s one of those hybrids that basically has no room for improvement. So this superhybrid is essentially a sidegrade akin to Spyx and the like. It trades speed for armor and regeneration on the run, and I think it still has a similar level of strength to be quite competitive.

  • Megalogaia


There are many counterattackers waiting in the wings to get superhybrids, so it’s really for the best that they are diversified. That’s probably why so few of them have been yet to receive a superhybrid. This one sees Trike get a second legendary, and it utilizes a dangerous stunning counter. It’s damage is very average, but with the threat of losing turns to it on every hit I think it’s more than made up for.

  • Grylenken


Crocatoo has always been an oddity, but now its successor serves a strong purpose: the ultimate closer. When you’re set to sweep the end of the game, this is the bird for it. Set with very high damage and lockdown moves, it can steer the late game of any matchup and can R&R out if it needs to.

  • Entelochops


It’s damage is not much above the average, but it does make up for that with good speed and heavy armor. It can take a solid beating and edge out over other resilients with its RDSR and access to MF while also having access to a unique turn 1 shielded rampage.

  • Edaphocevia

Walking a tightrope between Acrocanthops and Magna in damage potential and speed, Edaphogorgon is born. Don’t let the Revenge Ferocity scare you, it’s the same amount of damage as Ferocious Impact turn 1. It’s the second turn that brings the pain, but it can be distracted in full. This guy is heavily resistant to opposing effects and it’s a serious bruiser, so bring your evaders and distracters in bunches to keep him checked.

  • Dsungaia


Geared as a Raid support creature, it has a unique worthy counter “attack.” It group heals on every hit it takes, so it does well to use its taunt to keep the hits coming to help its team. It also retains its group ferocity, and can bring its own damage in the form of devastation should it need to. It might be passable in the arena, but if I made this thing right it’d hopefully shine in raids.

There it is, 15 superhybrids. So what do you guys think, how’d I do? Are there any of these you’d like to see? Which hybrid do we have that you think has waited long enough? Any changes you would make?


Yoshi’s hybrid is awesome, but unnecessary. A lot of top 500 players have yoshi max leveled on their team. Plus, Ludia would rather make another money-maker than just abolish the old one, which would happen if yoshisuchus was added

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That Brontolasmus hybrid is the only one that sticks out as being potentially overpowered. 6k damage in 2 turns, with potential for higher with Instant Charge, plus a cleansing defensive strike and loads of bulk seems like it would be too much. The current Brontolasmus has really high damage output too though (which I’m not a fan of, since it beats the chompers that way) so it is fitting, but Brontomoloch being able to get rid of DoT is probably a step too far.

I love most of the others though, Keratocarnifex is an awesome name.


Lasmus and Crockatoo hybrid look a bit much but otherwise great job.

But WHY did you make the allo hybrid like that? They could literally bring back 2.1/1.14 Alloraptor with the counter attack and then we have the ultimate tank buster, why make it a revenge killer?




Raptaurus was a difficult one for sure. I considered having DSI instead of distracting impact and pounce instead of rampage, but I felt like it would’ve been OP that way since it’s counter is doing 60% rending and it has really high attack. Probably could use a tweak here or there.

I had for some reason expected Brontomoloch to be considered underwhelming, and I gave it the Cleansing Shield as extreme oomph lol. I think Long Defense strike would probably be more appropriate. I do think the 1500 attack is justifiable though since it fuses with epic Stygi which is an exclusive.

I gave Crockatoo’s hybrid hefty attack since Ornitho has been moved to be exclusive also

Thanks guys for the feedback!

I will try to do that for you

Dude there has been tons of Allo/Taurus revisions, and simply improving allo is kind of out of question with the way the current one flounders in the arena

Cunning Strike
Cleansing Impact
Greater Rending Counter
100% Decel, Swap Prevention, Stun

Thank you. For it

I’m grateful too

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This is amazing and very well done but my only problem is how Overpowered some of them could be. Especially the alloraptor hybrid which would 2 shot anything without resistance. Phoruscolia would be the new 2.0 Phorusaura and Venesuchus seems like a very OP version of sarcorixis. But aside from all of that the entire list is incredible and all I can do is hope Ludia see’s this.

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