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I made a website so all can view raid strats for every boss

hi all! i made a website where everyone can view raid strats for every boss in the game! plz enjoy!

plz go to help and support on the website if you want more info


Awesome work


This is great.

Would it be possible to add a voting function for the strats? That’s something I have been missing. There are lots of strats floating around and it can be hard to figure out which ones work reliably and which ones fail a lot or have odd requirements.


Thank you so much extinct buckle


Thanks for this.
a great way to see all the different proven strats for each boss.


if you click on the help&support tab, there is a little link there.

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Wow definitely very cool and useful will be sure to tell alliance


Link wouldn’t send apparently it’s against the community guidelines… ridiculous

in the gamepress discord?

i already tried that one. im talking to the admins to see if they will post it for me

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Thanks! Great work!

I just shared it in our discord channel, some of them look outdated and I happened to find some of the strategies we use daily! So we know they work!

It doesn’t have the strategy for Indominus Rexx.

We can send ours, we passed over 10 times using the same moves.

I can’t see the indominus strategies

Awesome. Simply awesome. This will be extremely useful to probably all of the community so thanks :grinning:

here’s just a couple suggestions for this website…

  1. Possibly make a way to save the image of the strat that you want. Instead of zooming in and taking a screenshot because that reduces quality.

  2. If possible try to make a way to auto zoom into a picture without reducing the quality. For example if I were to click on a strat a larger picture of it would be bigger on my screen.

Just two minor suggestions or tweaks, but other then that this website looks great :grin:

you can just left click on the images and it gives you the option to save, copy, and other stuff

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Missed that. Thanks :grin:

no problem

i just want to say thanks for all the support this has gotten.


the only problem is that the gamepress discord admins wont let me post the link on the huge discord, which is kind of dumb. i feel like everybody should get a chance to see this.

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Thank you for your work.
In our alliance, we have a plan for every boss, but there is certainly room for improvement, for example to give more alliance members the opportunity to participate in raids. In our alliance there are just a handful of players who have been able to push their dinos specifically for raids and these players are then “inevitably” busy with raids for many hours from Monday to Thursday. Some players would like to push their dinos, but this is sometimes slow, e.g. with Tenonto.
In this situation, a list with alternative possibilities is very helpful for us. Thank you for that.

I am in favour of Ludia offering rewards for special achievements in the community. There are some here in the forum who deserve such a reward.