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I made it to Gyrosphere with unboosted lvl23 dinos!

All unboosted! I’m assuming I’ll get curbstomped back down to to 5300 or so the next few matchups, but OMG SO HYPED and NOBODY can take this away from me! :smiley:


Nice one. :slight_smile:

five chacters

I had a suspicion that the matchmaking was back to 2 tier system again like when boosts were first introduced. I ran unboosted up to 5700, boosted lightly and ended up in aviary with a team average of 29. Boosted more and up to 5300 and boosted further still to get to 5500 again. Something isn’t right.

No knocking the accomplishment and congrats.


That’s some accomplishment!

Big congratulations on reaching it with that team :grinning: