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I made my own Hybird! Reupload

Reupload because my old account got suspented.
Old one: I made my own Hybrid!

Name: Indoraptor Gen 3

Rarity: Exotic
Type: Cunning

Health: 4400
Damage: 1700
Speed: 128
Armor: 20%
Critical Chance: 35%

Hybird?: Yes

-Indoraptor Gen 3: Indoraptor (Cost: 50x) + Blue (Cost: 100x)
-(Indoraptor): Indominus Rex (Cost: 50x) + Veloceraptor (Cost: 2000x)
-(Indominus Rex): Tyrannosaurus Rex (Cost: 50x) + Veloceraptor (Cost: 500x)


  1. Cunning Strike

    • Quick-Use skill
    • Deal 1 damage
    • Self. Cleanse DoT
    • Target: Lawest HP: remove Critical Increase and Attack Increase. Reduce Critical Chance 100% and reduce damage 59% for 2 attacks lasting 1 turn.
  2. Cleansing Rampage

    • Charged skill
    • Deal 2x damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 2
    • Cleanse self
  3. Defense Breaking Rampage

    • Charged Skill
    • Deal 2x Damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 2
    • This ability has Delay: 2
    • Bypass Armor
    • Target: Lowest HP: remove Taunt, remove Shields
  4. Evasive Stance

    • Charged skill
    • Deal NO damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 4
    • This ability will Act first
    • Act first
    • Gain 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 3 turns.


-Resist Crit Reduction

  • This creatures chance to deal a Critical Hit is less reduced.
  • Resist strength: 75%

-Resist Distraction

  • Damage dealt by this creature is not reduced by Distraction.
  • Resist strength: 100%

-Resist Stun

  • This creatures turn cannot be lost to Stun.
  • Resist streangh: 100%

Where to find:

  • Event

About this creature:

Finally after many years, the perfect living weapon is made. The Indoraptor Gen 3 is so targeted on its enemy that its impossible to distract.

Bro this is way to op

What do you mean?

Just in my opinion this is way overpowered just my opinion tho also what level would it start at

  1. Yeah its powerful, so i probaly need to nerf it. 2. Idk mabye 30. Havent gone that far into thinking.

Well if it start 30 they’d probably have to increase max lvl

True… But this is just a concept so i do what i can. Its also higher than a Super hybrid so thats now a thing… Not really but still.

OK to be honest I think it would be cool just needs to be nerfed a bit

True, but i put its speed down before but ill nerf it when i get my original account back.

Ok that sounds good

Cause a max lvl pyritator with pure speed boosts wouldn’t be as fast as this base I only know this cause gaming beaver

The idea is cool, but it’s made with a single one. And where did the armor come from? It would also decrease life and damage.

Im still trying to work on it a bit more.

You could try to create a skill for it, I love it. It makes dinosaurs more innovative.