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I made my own Hybrid!

I know it sounds like a better Indoraptor Gen 2 but i based it of Fallen Kingdom when they needed blue to make the Indoraptor Complete.

Name: Indoraptor Gen 3

Rarity: Exotic
Type: Cunning

Health: 4400
Damage: 1700
Speed: 200
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 35%

Hybird?: Yes

-Indoraptor Gen 3: Indoraptor (Cost: 50x) + Blue (Cost: 100x)
-(Indoraptor): Indominus Rex (Cost: 50x) + Veloceraptor (Cost: 2000x)
-(Indominus Rex): Tyrannosaurus Rex (Cost: 50x) + Veloceraptor (Cost: 500x)


  1. Cunning Strike

    • Quick-Use skill
    • Deal 1 damage
    • Self. Cleanse DoT
    • Target: Lawest HP: remove Critical Increase and Attack Increase. Reduce Critical Chance 100% and reduce damage 59% for 2 attacks lasting 1 turn.
  2. Cleansing Rampage

    • Charged skill
    • Deal 2x damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 2
    • Cleanse self
  3. Defense Breaking Rampage

    • Charged Skill
    • Deal 2x Damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 2
    • This ability has Delay: 2
    • Bypass Armor
    • Target: Lowest HP: remove Taunt, remove Shields
  4. Evasive Stance

    • Charged skill
    • Deal NO damage
    • This ability has Cooldown: 4
    • This ability will Act first
    • Act first
    • Gain 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 3 turns.


-Resist Crit Reduction

  • This creatures chance to deal a Critical Hit is less reduced.
  • Resist strength: 75%

-Resist Distraction

  • Damage dealt by this creature is not reduced by Distraction.
  • Resist strength: 100%

-Resist Stun

  • This creatures turn cannot be lost to Stun.
  • Resist streangh: 100%

Where to find:

  • Event

About this creature:

Finally after many years, the perfect living weapon is made. The Indoraptor Gen 3 is so targeted on its enemy that its impossible to distract.

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That would lead to hyper hybrids. By the way i already have a hyper hybrid in my collection. The Trykotaurus. I Fused Trykosaurus With Carnotaurus.


What rarity would this be since indoraptor is a unique?

What? Are You Talking About My Trykotaurus? @indomitable

No the indo gen 3

The whole post is indo gen3 right?

My Trykotaurus Is Super Apex

I don’t see a trykotaurus at all in the post you made?

Thats Because My Trykotaurus Is Beyond Apex And It Could Counter Every Apex In Game Including The New Eagle And Snake Bosses.

No like the whole post talks about I indoraptor gen3 but idk where you got trykotaurus from???

Indoraptor gen1 is a unique so what rarity would indoraptor gen3 be?

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I am so confused what does this have to do with your indoraptor gen3 post???

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Ok but like your indoraptor gen3 post what rarity would this creature be since indoraptor is a unique super hybrid waiiit since it’s a super hybrid then this wouldn’t work

Just realized it



But if it were to be a new creature what rarity would it be???

Did you hear about Jurassic Park Builder 2?

I don’t think there is one??

Isn’t that Jurassic world the game? An updated version of Jurassic park builder