I made the top 500 omg

Im still top 500 with an ankylo. My entire team is maxxed on stat boosts until lvled up.

Tryko is maxxed but at 25 her speeds 118 once i get her 30 shell be campaign mode stats.

her current stats same speed as campaign version, rest is going to attack and hp as i lvl her. I already cleared all of campaign mode.

whats mean by your dart with 999+ /140??

Wow that is awesome, grats. Dat ankylocodon

Anky made it to the beach.


Dude that’s amazing, we need to throw a party for that little guy.

Well done!

I think that just goes to show, it’s all about strategy and not always about getting the biggest and strongest dino’s! (I just meant like all of the over rated one’s)!

No offence :slight_smile:

None taken i have pics of Anky killing a magna at nublar shores

I love my rolly polly.

It will be a while but ill ill replace Anky once i get either Ardondo 30 Trystronix 30 or monolometrodon 30 since magna takes forever to lvl to 30.

How much money did you spend?
I dare you to tell me.

A couple hundred over time.