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I matched with dr vile

Hey, new and first post here… but I matched with Dr Vile… did anyone else?

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I have a timer counting down for new matches, I think it’s on something like 23 hours to go, so assuming its him as I’m not VIP

Hey! I just finished all the possible conversation with Dr. Vile he just ran away and we will have to wait for more. ^^

He was first available for VIPs and today or tomorrow as far as I’ve been reading he willl be available for everyone else. :slight_smile:

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Yeah just finished too… what did you think? Can’t wait for him to come back!!
It seems to have a 24 hour countdown after each convo for these certain characters, I’m now offered a match with Nicholas Adley but keeps restarting the app whenever I try to chat so not sure if they’re preparing for him next or something?

What did you guys think of dr vile?

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If hes gone grey already, (which is what seems to be being suggested) after such a short time then I’m glad I decided to wait and not bother with the whole VIP thing.

Definitely don’t I would say. It looks like a current thing they are doing with this countdown timing thing and doesn’t seem to have an effect on who can or cannot match with them at the time x

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Oh it seems that I have just started chatting with Nicholas Adley, probably it is a bug of the app? You can try to re download it or sth >.<

About Dr. Vile, I liked him but not sure, sometimes I get nervous with the fact I can’t see his eyes… maybe is just me but… hahaha Can’t wait to see if I can see his full face or something but so far I didn’t like him that much… >.<

Let’s see how it goes with Nicholas and this VIP thingy, I have still faith but dunno, I think Ludia can do much better :sob:

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Yeah maybe just a bit of a bug.

I kinda liked that I couldn’t see his whole face… maybe it’s me and I like that it adds to that whole bad ‘no you shouldn’t do it’ thing :joy: haha!

Who’s your fav matches so far?

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hahaha also it adds like a huge aura of mystery XD

About myself my fav matches oh god I have so much… my top one is Austin!! But I truly like Adam, Hugo, Zayn, Jonathan, Sheng Zhao, Michael Evans, Calum Keys and Noah Cruz. I guess that I have too much hahahahahha

What about you???

Dr Vile is hilarious and I usually dont like the guys as I prefer female since I am a guy

My favorites are Sage, Jasmin, Samantha, Evaline, Alice and Angel. I liked Noah’s horror aspect but now he’s zzz. Otherwise from the guys I like Damien, William Seth, Wyatt, Skylar and Daniel

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That’s true, we’ve got to love a bit of mystery :stuck_out_tongue:
My top one is Damien (I find a lot of people are between him and Austin)
Other than him I love Antoine Dawson, Calum Keys, Oliver Black, Jake Gonzales, Jaden Bower, Blake Bailey, and Albert Bishop.

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Reading some of your faves now I miss them because they have not been back… T.T

They are so good tooo ^^

Oh god I miss Calum so so so much hahaha